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  • NewsYahoo News

    'The End': How newspapers around the world covered Biden's exit from the race

    Most ran photos of a somber-looking Biden, some with him walking toward an exit or up the steps onto Air Force One. Others chose images of Biden and Harris together to symbolize his passing of the torch.

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  • EntertainmentAssociated Press

    Calls for Maya Rudolph to reprise her Kamala Harris on 'SNL' are flooding in on social media

    Speculation has been running hot since Sunday, when President Joe Biden dropped his election news, but the “SNL” alum is a busy actor these days. Rudolph earned four Emmy nods last week for her work on three different shows: “Loot” (just renewed for a third season on Apple TV+), “Big Mouth” on Netflix and two nominations for a hosting stint on “SNL.” Rudolph was a cast member on the NBC show from 2000 to 2007.

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  • PoliticsAssociated Press

    Biden continues to recover from COVID-19, stays out of public view after ending his 2024 campaign

    President Joe Biden’s “symptoms have almost resolved completely” from COVID-19, according to his physician, as the president on Monday remained out of public view for the fifth straight day. Biden announced he was ending his reelection campaign in a letter posted Sunday on social media. Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said that the president had completed his 10th dose of the COVID-fighting medication Paxlovid on Monday morning and continued to perform all of his presidential duties.

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  • PoliticsYahoo News

    Replace Biden? Some Republicans say that's illegal and plan to file lawsuits to stop it.

    While many Americans may have been stunned by Sunday’s news that President Biden had decided to drop out of the 2024 campaign and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him at the top of the ticket, some Republicans had quietly prepared for that moment.

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  • NewsAssociated Press

    Festival musical regresa a Kiev en medio de la guerra persistente

    KIEV, Ucrania (AP) — Este año, el festival de música más grande de Ucrania tocó una fibra diferente. Atrás quedaron los artistas internacionales, los enormes escenarios y los cientos de miles de visitantes.

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