The 1 Piece Of Popular Packing Advice That You Definitely Shouldn’t Try

TikTok has given us all a wealth of hacks on improving home storage, painting our homes and even getting to sleep faster, but there is one viral travel tip which could lead to you getting in hot water with airport security.

The pillowcase hack, which involves folding clothes into a pillowcase and carrying it separately to your luggage, has had travellers in a chokehold as it provides extra space for holiday essentials.

Now, to be fair, this has worked successfully for a lot of people on the app but one passenger was actually banned from a flight for trying the sneaky tip.

Passenger banned from flight for pillowcase hack

At Orlando International Airport, one traveller thought that he could try — and get away with — filling a thin sheet with his belongings and disguising it as a standard pillow.

In a video captured by user @natashaorganic, airport staff said to the traveller that it was clearly not a pillow he was attempting to take onto his flight. The staff did give the passenger the chance to pay for his excess baggage but he declined until the last second, when he was told it was too late and he couldn’t board the plane with his ‘pillow’.

He was then seen being escorted away by police. Yikes.

“Stop letting these social media sites give you tips and tricks because sometimes it’s not going to work, okay?” the TikTok user said.

How to take extra clothes onto a flight

If you’re looking for a way to take extra clothes, one Reddit user advised: ” “I think budget airlines consider a pillow to be a personal item. I concur with wearing lots of clothes and shoving things into your jacket as the tried and true method.”

Another user pointed out: “It’s these sort of hacks that make airlines much more strict.”

Makes sense.