10 Kitchen Tools You Need For Thanksgiving

Whether this is your first time making a full Thanksgiving dinner, or you’re an experienced turkey-basting connoisseur, there are a fewessentials your kitchen needs to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Make sure your kitchen is well-stocked forall of the best Thanksgiving recipes well before dreams of food comas dance in your head. Here, we’ve pulled together 10 of the most necessary andpractical kitchen toolsyou need to make a killer Thanksgiving meal. 


Planning to make mashed potatoes, homemade pie crust or fresh whipped cream? Let a mixertake the arm work outof Thanksgiving dinner prep.


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  • 2.Dutch Oven

    Dutch ovens are the secret to heart, cold-weather meals. (I.E., thebestThanksgiving sides). You canmake practically anything in a dutch oven, from mashed potatoes and corn pudding to dressing.  


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  • 3.Crock Pot

    The crock pot is a lifesaver when it comes to prepping Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time. Just toss in your ingredients, set to cook, and the hard work is done. Try cooking fresh apple cider, homemade butternut squash soup or even mashed potatoesin a crock pot this Thanksgiving


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  • 4.Cast Iron Skillet

    If you’re intimidated by cast iron skillets, don’t be. They’re actually ridiculously easy to take care of, and there’s really no comparison when it comes to cripsy, flavorful dishes right out of the oven. This Thanksgiving, try making sides like dressing andgreen bean casserole in a cast iron skilletfor a different twist on these holiday classics.


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  • 5.Springform Pan

    Who says you have to eat pie on Thanksgiving?Springform pans are the secretkitchen tool that makes creamy and dreamy cheesecakes at home a reality. 


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  • 6.Roasting Pan

    Planning to make a turkey? Chances are you’ll need a sturdy, reliable and oversized roasting pan to get the job done. Don’t forget therack and lifters, too


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  • 7.Jelly Roll Pan

    While jelly roll recipes themselves have kind of fallen out of style, the specialty pans for them are a chef’s essential. The raised sides make itbetter than a cookie sheetfor roasting and braising veggies, as well as heating last-minute sides like rolls. 


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  • 8.Meat Thermometer

    Honestly, a meat thermometeris just an all-around good kitchen gadgetto have around, but it’s especially important if you’re making a full Thanksgiving bird. 


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  • 9.Knife Set

    A cook is only as good as his or her tools, right? And since basically every Thanksgiving dish will require some amount of chopping, peeling or dicing, it’sbest to make sure you have the essentialsbefore the food is ready to prep. Not to mention, you’ll need a start knife to carve your bird.


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  • 10.Pots

    Obviously pots and pans are a “duh” kitchen essential for Thanksgiving dinner, butdo you have all of the pots you’ll need? Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you have a large stock pot, a large nonstick skillet and an oversized sauce pan ready to use for all your main dishes. 


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