10 Unexpected Lessons Bridgerton's Victor Alli Learnt From Filming Season Three Part 2

francesca bridgerton and sir lord john stirling, the earl of kilmartin
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Warning: This article contains spoilers Bridgerton season three part 2 spoilers.

While for some it may just be another week, but for the Bridgerton fans among us, it's far from that. On June 14, the second part of Bridgerton season 3 was released, which means our answers are finally being answered - will Penelope and Colin marry? Who will Francesca Bridgerton choose? Will Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton get their way?

So far, part 1 of the series included all the expected drama and more, with 45.1 million viewers tuning in to catch up with London's Ton. From Penelope Featherington taking centre stage, to the expansion of storylines of other Bridgerton siblings and new subplots, there is a lot to unpack this season so far.


One of which is actor Victor Alli's character, the reserved and unassuming Lord John Stirling the Earl of Kilmartin, who shows an interest in Francesca when they bump into one another at the Innovations Ball.

Taking us behind the scenes of the season so far, and of what is to come, ELLE UK caught up with the actor, to find out what life on set like and what to expect from the characters this time around.

Here's everything Alli learnt about working on Bridgerton:

1.Filming takes a lot longer than you'd expect...

'We spend more time waiting in a trailer or a green room than filming, which can be hard because you come on set and have all of this energy. We can do one scene, which is a page or two, and that can take one to two days. Filming can take a minute or so, then the crew have to reset and change the angles and cameras, then you go again for another minute and a half, or two, and then change location. You need to find ways to occupy yourself in between [shooting].'

lord john stirling and francesca bridgerton

2. The costumes aren't that comfortable...

'My first experience wearing the attire was quite intense. We're really strapped in so you couldn't actually move or wiggle. It made you stand and sit really straight. It gave you that feeling of being in that world because the characters in the show can't slouch. I remember taking it off after the first full day, and I just felt like my neck had elongated. I'm about 6'1 and I felt about 6'3 after the first day.'

3.The desserts on set were particularly delicious...

'[The caterers] make this amazing apple crumble. I had that most days. The crumble was so good.'

4. Playing games between scenes was how the cast spent time together...

'There was this word guessing game that we used to play, and the first to find the correct word, won. We used to play that a lot, especially during the massive ball scenes, when we'd film the same scenes for four days. It got quite intense and pretty high stakes – there was a lot of shouting and screaming. Those memories are incredible. It's really rare that we are all together [as a cast], so when we were, it was it was like a massive family reunion.'

bridgerton lord john stirling

5. Coming onto a critically-acclaimed show as a newcomer isn't daunting when your fellow co-stars and the set crew are super welcoming...

'It wasn't daunting, it was actually really nice. Initially, it was quite intense because it's a huge show, but once I got on set and met the cast and the team, it was really nice. Everyone was really kind. They just welcome you with open arms and I was part of the family really fast... it was very organic.'

6. Filming part two was incredibly moving...

'I think it was at the end when Penelope and Colin get married. They still have friction and it's not until they see John and Francesca's marriage and wedding, and how close they are and their friendship, that they have that they suddenly realise, :Oh my gosh, this is what we want." They understand that it's deeper than what we've been fighting about, you know?'

'But also, there's a scene where all of the siblings have their babies and children, and John goes away with Fran and his cousin. It's the ending, but it also feels like a new beginning. There's an anticipation for what is to come.'

8. Playing a quiet character is more layered than it seems...

'It was really fun. In some ways we're quite similar. He's quiet and introverted, but also there are moments of confidence that we see in him. He really cares about Francesca and he wants to show that. He's so shy... you see how he's battling with overcoming the fear of doing something that he didn't think he could possibly do, but we see him overcome those hurdles.'

lord john stirling and francesca bridgerton marriage

9. The romance in part two is just as intense as part one...

'The show portrays different ways of love and passion, from the steamy scenes to the more subtle ones. There is something there for everyone which is really nice.'

10. Love and romance don't always have to be shown in a traditional way...

'I enjoyed [showing] that through Lord John Stirling. The series shows a different way of illustrating love and passion. It's a love that is more subtle, but still quite selective and it was a nice challenge showing that. Plus, you don't always see two people communicating through silence. It's quite strange but also endearing. You're drawn in and want to know how they do it. There is so much that is portrayed in those moments, and what's said in the unsaid.'

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