11 Essentials You Need For Your Next Tailgating Party

Football seasonis back, which means one thing. Tailgating season is back.

Even though the game is the most exciting part of the tailgate, that doesn’t mean incredible accessories ― like a good grill or a reliable satellite ― can’t add to the experience. After all, nothing ruins a tailgate faster than a glitchy TV or lukewarm burgers and hotdogs. 

Below, check out 11 essentials you need to host the perfect tailgate, and be sure to sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

Pongbot, $46

It's a moving beer pong robot that has sensor technology to prevent it from falling off the table. Need we say more? Get it here.

Tailbrella, $140

This tailgate-hitch umbrella is a must-have for your next game. Get it on Amazon.

Football, $13

If you don't play the actual sport you're watching, did you even really tailgate? Get it on Amazon.

Warm Blanket, $20

As the season goes on, the weather will get colder. Come prepared. Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Generator, $430

This might be a little pricey, but the worst thing that could happen in a tailgate is for you to lose power. Get it on Amazon.

Bluetooth Speaker, $34

Get it on Amazon.

Large Cooler, $56

Get it on Amazon.

Satellite Tailgater Bundler, $399

Don't be the person with a glitchy game. Get it on Amazon.

Fryer, $79

Impress your friends and change the game this tailgate season with this fryer from Amazon.

Folding Table and Chairs, $65+

Get it at Target. And these $10 chairs as well!

Tailgate In A Box, $25

For when you're just not much of a planner. Get it here.


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