15 Gifts For New Moms That Aren't For The Baby

Amanda Pena

When it comes to gift-giving for a new mama, we (naturally) think to get her something for the baby. The truth is, though, that everyone else thinks the say way, so she probably has an plenty of diapers, bibs, pacifiers and onesies to last a lifetime.

But, because the last thing a new mom is thinking about is herself, sometimes we have to do it for her with gifts that are just for her, not her little one. From meal-planning subscriptions, to spa certificates to a new reader for those (few) moment she has to herself, new moms deserve to be treated.

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1 A Blue Apron Subscription

(Blue Apron)

When it comes to meal planning, let Blue Apron do the work for her. 

2 Cozy Slippers


Get these ridiculously comfy UGG slippers at Zappos.

3 A Tote For All The Essentials


Functions as a cute purse and is big enough to store baby essentials. Get the coveted market tote by Everlane here.

4 A Birchbox Subscription


New moms probably don't have the time to try out new beauty products. Gussy her up in a flash with Birchbox's easy and inexpensive subscription options.

5 A Kindle


For those (few and far between) moments of peace and quiet

6 A Baby-Proof Case


Get this DTLA tough armor case from Casetify.

7 Wine Of The Month Club Membership

(Wine of the month club)

Enough said. Get a subscription here.

8 A Diffuser


For when the home is chaotic, a diffuser will add some sense of calm and peace. Get the Pilgrim diffuser on Amazon.

9 Lingerie Subscription

(Adore Me)

Celebrate her beautiful body with a monthly lingerie set from Adore Me.

10 A Spa Treatment

(skynesher via Getty Images)

Use Spa Finder to find the perfect spa service for her.

11 Luxury Pajamas


While we can't guarantee that the new mama in your life will get much sleep, at least she'll have the silkiest set to fall asleep in. Get this cotton sateen pajama set from Zappos.

12 A Pop Of Greenery


Get her a pop of some easy-to-care-for greenery from Amazon.

13 A Fingerprint Necklace


Get them this cute necklace from Etsy to celebrate the new birth in a fashionable but endearing way. 

14 An Amazon Echo


When new moms don't have time to find the answer, let Alexa do it for them. Get it on Amazon.

15 A Slow Cooker


For those days when everything in the freezer just goes in the pot. Get this slow cooker on Amazon.

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