16 Gifts For Your BFF Who Needs Help Nailing This Adulthood Thing

Let’s say it together: Adulting is hard.

You’re on your own, but might not be able to do your own taxes without ringing up your dad. Sure, you have a kitchen, but the only things in your fridge are take-out sauces and day-old Seamless leftovers. And thoughyou really, really like coffee, you probably leave themakingof it to the experts at Starbucks orBlue Bottle

Regardless of where you or your BFF land on the spectrum of adulthood, we’ve got a few products to help ease those growing pains.

See below for 16 gifts for your friend who is just barely an adult:

'Do Work That Matters' Poster

Help them find meaning in their daily grind with this motivational poster.


Upgrade them from a scented wall plug-in to an essential oil diffuser.

Cheese Plate

This marble cheese plate for under $20 will instantly elevate their hostess game.


You know you're super adult when you can properly air out wine.

Clothing Rack

Display clothing neatly with this inexpensive bamboo clothing rack.

French Press

Impress your guests with this beautifully made French press.

K-Cup Coffee Maker

And when you're like, "lol, what's a French press?", trust that a Keurig will do.


Whether genius or silly, get into the habit of writing out your thoughts in a journal.

Cereal Bowls

Upgrade your quick breakfast routine with these cute cereal bowls.

Terrarium Kit

Nothing says 'adult' like having some plants around. Dip your toes into the world of greenery with an easy terrarium kit.

Bar Tool Set

Forget spending an exorbitant amount of money at the bar. Whip up some serious cocktails with this basic but chic bar tool set.


No one has time to iron and dry cleaning is just too expensive. Pop out this steamer whenever you need to look your best in a jiffy. 


Adulting is hard. Make it simpler with this organizer dish that reminds you of the important things.

Slow Cooker

Literally just throw everything in but the kitchen sink for an easy yet delicious meal.

Herb Garden

This indoor herb garden not only reduces cost overtime, but it will add freshness to every dish you make...or order.

Realest Mug

And when s**t just gets too hard, give yourself a pat on the back for giving it a good old college try.

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