My Go-To $18 Toner for Soft Skin Is From a Brand Martha Stewart Has Used for 40 Years

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<p>Mario Badescu / InStyle</p>

Mario Badescu / InStyle

This morning, I woke up to skin that was more sallow, dull, and dehydrated than usual. TBH, I’d accidentally slept in my makeup the night before, which likely played a role in my ruggedness. Luckily, I have the Mario Badescu Glow Toner stashed in my medicine cabinet; and, as its name suggests, the product delivers radiant skin — in mere moments. The gentle, glow-inducing formula was my skin-savior this morning, and has rescued me in similar skin emergencies in the past.

I’ve loved virtually every Mario Badescu product I’ve tried over the years. I’m in good company: Martha Stewart is also a fan of the brand — per a Badescu-staked list of skincare products she “can’t live without.”. Moreover, according to a representative from the brand, Stewart has relied on Mario Badescu facials for over 40 years. Her remarkable dedication is understandable given the quality and relative affordability of Badescu’s products. I’m currently enamored with the aforementioned toner — a relatively new launch for the decades-old European skincare brand.

<p>Mario Badescu</p>

Mario Badescu


The Mario Badescu Glow Toner is a lightweight, gentle exfoliating solution that brightens and softens skin in minutes, delivering a speedy dose of radiance. The formula, which features a gel-like, almost milky consistency, dispenses via a convenient flip-top spout. Application is a breeze: Simply saturate a cotton ball with a few pours of product, swipe across clean skin (or, as I did this morning, makeup-encrusted skin). Then, wait a minute or two for the product to work its magic before rinsing off. Pat dry and proceed to marvel at your newly soft, glowing skin.

The starring ingredient is under-the-radar chemical exfoliator polyhydroxy acid (PHA). As Dr. Ava Shamban, MD, previously shared with InStyle, PHA is a humectant, so it has “the ability to support moisture retention in the extracellular matrix, giving a firmer, plumper appearance to the skin.” One of the gentlest acids, polyhydroxy acid is perfect for sensitive skin types. Despite its gentleness — relative to, say, glycolic acid — PHA nevertheless effectively sloughs dry, complexion-dulling cells from the surface of the skin, in turn, revealing brighter, smoother skin post-use.

Joining PHA in the formula are jojoba oil and sodium hyaluronate: two softening, hydrating ingredients that further support plump, dewy radiance. Moreover, these additives make for a skin-soothing treat — particularly for ultra-sensitive skin types, which are often more prone to exfoliation-induced irritation.

Furthermore, jojoba oil is rich in antioxidant vitamin E, which protects from skin-aging free radicals found in the environment. Sodium hyaluronate, a cousin to hyaluronic acid, boasts a similar moisture-magnet demeanor, making it ideal for locking hydration into skin.

One shopper calls the toner their “favorite” skincare product, noting “the glow this gives my skin is unreal.” Another reviewer, whose skin is both “oily and dry” calls the toner “a game-changer” in light of how it makes their skin “clean and hydrated.” And isn’t that anyone’s ultimate skin goal?

For a gentle, efficient, glow-enhancing toner — hailing from a brand Martha Stewart has been using for 40 years — shop the Mario Badescu Hydrating Glow Toner for $18 at Amazon.

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