Some 2,800 trucks stuck at Ukrainian border due to Polish trucker strike

Polish-Ukrainian border
Polish-Ukrainian border

Some 2,800 trucks are waiting to cross the border from Poland into Ukraine at three checkpoints blocked by striking Polish truckers, Ukrainian State Border Guard Service spokesman Andriy Demchenko said on national television on Nov. 18.

Most of the vehicles are concentrated at the Krakovets-Korchova checkpoint, where 1,200 trucks are lined up. Another 1,100 trucks remain stuck at the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint, and the remaining 500 trucks are at the Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne border crossing.

Only a few trucks are allowed to cross each hour forcing Ukrainian truckers to find alternative routes.

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"We hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible, but we remember that the protesters have declared that their actions would be prolonged, at least until the end of the year," Demchenko said, adding that Ukraine is negotiating to find a compromise.

Only trucks are being blocked, coaches and cars can cross the border freely. The Slovakian border remains block-free and there's no any information yet on whether any restrictive measures are planned there.

What is known about the blocking of cargo crossing points on the border between Poland and Ukraine

Polish carriers began strikes at the border with Ukraine on Nov 6. They blocked three crossing points for freight transport: Korczowa–Krakovets, Hrebenne–Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk–Yahodyn. Carriers plan to continue the strikes until Jan. 3.

Demands include: returning permits to Ukrainian carriers, strengthening rules for foreign carriers under the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), prohibiting the registration of companies in Poland if the company's finances are not within the EU, a separate queue in the E-line for vehicles with EU license plates, a separate queue at all borders for empty trucks, and gaining access to the Road System.

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Deputy Infrastructure Minister Serhiy Derkach stated on Nov. 13 that Ukraine negotiated with the Polish protesters blocking truck traffic at the border but did not reach an agreement.

The Union of Slovak Carriers threatened to block the border crossing from their side on Nov. 15 for Ukrainian carriers if the European Commission does not restore the issuance of commercial permits for transportation within the European Union.

On November 16, the European Commission stated that they could initiate punitive procedures against Poland if it does not resolve the issue of blocking crossing points on the border with Ukraine.

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