These 20 Low-Maintenance Haircuts Are Chic and Easy

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Let's be honest: In the fast-paced world we live in, who has time for ultra-laborious beauty routines? If you agree, you might be searching for ways to cut down on how long it takes you to get ready. That's where low-maintenance haircuts come into play. If you chop your strands into an easy-to-manage style, you will save time while still letting your hair look its very best. Sounds wonderful, no?

Keep reading to uncover 20 low-maintenance haircut ideas according to stylists.

Long, Tiered Layers

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images

NYC-based stylist Paul Labrecque, who is the founder and creative director of Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa, is a big fan of long, tiered layers. They instantly add body and volume to the hair, even if you don't have tons of time to heat style your tresses. (Though, they look even more impactful when blown out.) “If your hair is not thick enough, I work a lot with the Halo Layered Extension to achieve this look,” Labrecque adds.

Layered Pixie

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Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Warren Tricomi master hairstylist and colorist Artem Soshyn is a fan of pixie haircuts when it comes to low-maintenance styling. "Charlize Theron has rocked a pixie cut with textured layers," he says. "This style can be achieved by using a texturizing product to enhance the natural texture and create a tousled effect." If you want to add more definition, he says to use a touch of styling wax, like Milbon Creative Style Molding Wax 3 ($45), or pomade, which will separate strands and further boost texture.

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Bold Buzz

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If even the idea of adding pomade or texturizing spray to your strands feels like too much of a commitment, consider going all out with a buzz cut à la Halsey. It will require no styling, unless you have a cowlick, in which case you may need to comb unruly strands.

Slicked-Back Bixie

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Gregg DeGuire/Stringer/Getty Images

Labrecque says that bixie haircuts are also particularly easy to style from day to day. "The bixie is a cut that is between a short bob and a pixie," he explains. "It has wispy edges and at the same time has a pixie-ish shag outline in a longer, less blunt bobby way." According to Labrecque, Rowan Blanchard wears it best. "It shows off her sharp high cheekbones and long neck while being less severe than a pixie," he says.

Short Bixie

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Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images

Another bixie haircut that Labrecque loves is that of Ariana DeBose. "[She] shows you a less fringy bixie that is slightly more bobbish and cuts her jawline right at the right place to elongate her look," he says, citing the photo above.

Wavy Lob

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Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Style icon Alexa Chung is a longtime lover of the lob. "Her signature lob haircut features curly strands with thin layers and a parting in the middle," Soshyn says. "To recreate this look, use a large barrel curling iron to create light waves, apply a shine serum (like Kérastase Sérum Cicanuit Hair Serum, $59) to add shine, and add a texturizing hairspray spray or light hold hairspray [to set the look]."

Feathered Layers

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Another person who pulls off long layers exceptionally well, according to Labrecque, is Jessica Biel. "She wears it without a fringe, with each layer enhanced with balayage ends," he says. "She has the perfect oval face for this cut."

Choppy Bangs

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images

If you love the shape and length of Chung's lob but prefer a bit more texture, not to mention fringe, check out Kerry Washington's piecey 'do. Falling just below her collarbone, her lob is a great option for those leaning toward mid-length, low-maintenance haircuts.

Face-Framing Layers

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is so renowned for her layered hair that her '90s cut actually earned its own name (The Rachel). Over the years, though, she opted for more length in her look. "Her style features long, face-framing layers that add movement and dimension to her hair," Soshyn says. "To replicate this look, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush for added volume and bounce."

Textured Pixie

<p>Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images</p>

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Love the idea of a pixie cut but want to play up what little length you do have? Soshyn says to turn your attention toward Halle Berry. "She is known for her signature short and textured pixie cut," he points out. "Her style features choppy layers and a tousled finish. This haircut is perfect for showcasing facial features and adding a touch of edginess." To get the look, he says to use a texturizing paste or clay, such as Moroccanoil's Texture Clay ($30) to define the layers and make it look purposefully disheveled in the process.

Textured Bob

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Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Despite minimal layers, Hailey Bieber's short, textured bob cut is brimming with definition and dimension. "This haircut works well on various face shapes, especially those with angular features," Soshyn says. "To style, use a texturizing spray or a small amount of styling wax to define the layers and create a messy, textured look."

Minimal Layers

<p>Dominique Charriau/Le Film Francais/Getty Images</p>

Dominique Charriau/Le Film Francais/Getty Images

Blake Lively has cemented herself as hair goals since her Gossip Girl days. Most often, she's seen rocking long, loose waves with minimal layers, which Soshyn says is easy to style. "Her style is effortlessly glamorous and requires minimal maintenance," he assures us. "To recreate this look, use a large barrel curling iron to create loose waves. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray to maintain the waves throughout the day."

Shaggy Layers

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images</p>

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jenna Ortega shows just how effortlessly stylish shaggy layers can look. "This haircut incorporates choppy, textured layers throughout the hair, providing movement and volume," Soshyn says. "Shaggy layers work well on medium to long hair lengths and can be adapted to suit various face shapes."

French Bob With Fringe

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Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Taylor Swift turned heads left and right at the 2016 Grammy Awards—and for more reasons than one. Apart from her stunning two-piece gown and various wins, the "Cruel Summer" singer showcased a flirty French bob complete with fringe.

Shoulder-Grazing Coils

<p>Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images</p>

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

While natural curls aren't low-maintenance in and of themselves, once you have a top-notch haircare routine in place, styling a curly lob can be. It all comes down to prioritizing your ideal wash schedule and infusing your coils with as much moisture as possible.

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Pastel Pixie

Where Theron showed us how to rock a taut, tailored pixie cut, Florence Pugh illustrates how to infuse the short look with rocker chic flair. "The pixie cut is a bold and confident style that can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair textures," Soshyn says. "Pixie cuts are particularly flattering for those with delicate facial features or strong bone structure."

Long, Face-Framing Layers

<p>Karwai Tang/Getty Images</p>

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Simone Ashley's hair is the perfect mash-up of Jennifer Anniston and Blake Lively's styles. It features lots of layers with face-framing accents and a long overall length.

Curly Lob

<p>John Shearer/Getty Images</p>

John Shearer/Getty Images

You can rock a lob with curly hair. While many collarbone-grazing cuts are showcased on straight and wavy hair, Sandra Oh shows how stunning it can look with a bit more texture and body in the equation? And those curly bangs? Perfection!

Straight Bob

<p>Steve Granitz/Getty Images</p>

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Kerry Washington might look stunning with a piecey lob, but she proves her face structure works beautifully with a more blunt bob, too. "Her style features a straight lob with a center or side parting," Soshyn says. "This versatile haircut can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Use a flat iron for sleekness and finish with a shine spray for added gloss."

Layered Bob

<p>Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Halsey might be the prime example of a buzzcut, but she also shows us how to look effortlessly chic with a layered bob haircut. To copy her look, use a volumizing treatment, then use a round brush, or the Volumizing Brush attachment on the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long ($600) to build body from roots to ends. To keep frizz at a minimum and shine at an all-time high, apply COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment ($28) prior to heat styling.

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