$200 for Starburst: Aussies desperate for discontinued snack

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A composite image of empty shelves, the Starburst logo and the ad offering $200 for Starburst on Airtasker.
Aussies are taking desperate measures to get their hands on Starburst lollies after they were pulled from shelves. (Source: Getty/Starburst/Airtasker)

Desperate lolly lovers are going all out in search of their favourite Starburst sweets after they were pulled from Aussie supermarkets last month.

In fact, one person has even offered $200 on Airtasker for someone to provide her with her favourite snack.

“Find me Starburst lollies ASAP”, Gabriella L from Coogee posted.

“Literally no other lollies compare to Starburst and I can’t find any.

“I NEED to stock up on fruit chews, snakes and jelly beans so please help me find as many [as you can].”

So far, three people had pitched to complete the task and retrieve her sweet treat.

A copy of the Airtasker ad offering $200 for Starburst.
(Source: Airtasker)

Starburst pulled from shelves

Mars Wrigley, which manufactures Starburst, revealed the popular treats had become impossible to find because they’d been discontinued.

The company said the “difficult decision” was made due to supply chain issues that had impacted the world, thanks to COVID.

"Our Starburst products are imported from Europe and, like many businesses that are importing products from overseas, the brand has been exposed to supply chain difficulties and rising cost pressures over the last two years," a Mars Wrigley spokesperson said.

"After reviewing all options, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the brand in Australia from June 2022.

"As a proud Australian manufacturer for more than 60 years, we are taking this opportunity to prioritise and invest in the brands and products we make locally in Australia, such as M&Ms, Maltesers, Skittles, Snickers, Extra and Eclipse."

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