This $52,000 smart house may convince you to finally move into a tiny home

If you’ve resisted joining the tiny house movement thus far, there’s a new option on the market you may want to consider.

Nestron builds affordable and sustainable tiny houses. The company integrates design, manufacturing, trading and research and development to remain on the cusp of mindful housing. The Cube 2 is the latest and largest addition to Nestron’s line of Cube smart houses.

The fully furnished home is 265 square feet and complete with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. But its star features are more than just the bare necessities.

Nestron designed the dwelling to serve a family of three to four. Its double bedrooms mean more efficient space allocation, while the open concept increases the usable space by 15 percent. The home even boasts a skylight dome, which not only makes the area appear more expansive but is ideal for stargazing with the kiddos.

Roughly 90 percent of the materials used to create the Cube 2 are recycled. If fitted with the optional eco-friendly solar panel system, it is almost entirely emission-free. Moreover, its construction doesn’t require building a foundation, thus curbing environmental fragmentation.

Let’s not forget that the Cube 2 is also a smart house. The home’s AI assistant, Canny, unifies all of the appliances, furniture and construction elements.

You can purchase the Cube 2 from anywhere in the world at the modest price tag of $52,000. If you’re looking to lower your carbon emissions, downsize and own a loan-free home, it may be right up your alley. Those who’ve caught the wanderlust bug and move frequently will also find the transportable house a viable option.

Tiny homes may not be for everyone, but this tiny home may turn some heads and change some minds.

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