2021 NFL Draft: Will Trevor Lawrence live up to expectations with Jaguars?

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Andy Behrens reacts to the Jacksonville Jaguars' selection of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and the fantasy impact the rookie will have in Year 1.

Jacksonville Jaguars draft Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

To absolutely no one's surprise, the Jags got their man in Hercules reborn, Trevor Lawrence.

Andy Behrens explains why Trevor Lawrence is set to make an immediate fantasy impact in the video above, especially when you consider his dual-threat ability, and the established weapons on the Jaguars.

Pros: Athleticism, arm strength, anticipation.

Cons: A touch of hero ball in big moments.

NFL Comp: N/A — yes, you read that correctly. We've never seen anyone like Lawrence before, and we're excited to witness the story he writes in the NFL.

Note: Pros, cons and NFL comp are from Liz Loza