21 Pieces Of Moonstone Jewelry That Are Out Of This World

Moonstone wing ear climbers

Moonstone is thewitchy wardrobe accessorythat’s been steadily trending ― and with one look at this celestial stone, it’s easy to see why. 

With itsghostly bluish-white lunar shimmer, it’s easy to how this gem got its name. Although it’s typically colorless, its reflective layers give it a distinct glow under certain lighting. It’s not hard to understand why moonstone isone of the most unique gemstones available today. 

Here, we’ve rounded up 21 affordable pieces of moonstone jewelry that are sure leave you feeling starry eyed:

Rainbow moonstone stud earrings, $52

Curved necklace, $46+

Gold moonstone cuff bracelet, $64

Eye pendant, $68

Moonstone and larimar two-faced necklace, $165+

Curved moon ring, $24+

Ear crawlers, $41

Moonstone ring, $44

Ear jacket studs, $68

Moonbeam ear jackets, $46

Moonstone bralette, $107

Stackable ring, $22+

Moonstone nose stud, $11

Organic stone ring, $30

Moonstone pendant necklace, $34+

Gem cuff bracelet, $38

Birthstone ring, $62

Teardrop necklace, $10

Moonstone wrap bracelet, $74

Geometric caged crystal necklace, $30

Alchemy earth necklace, $43


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