23 September Real Wedding Photos That Are Filled To The Brim With Love

Kelsey Borresen

Big congratulations go out to all the wonderful couples who tied the knot last month!

Below, September wedding pics from our readers that are filled with love. And remember: If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterward and we may feature it in our monthly roundup. Please include the couple’s names as well as the date and location of the wedding.


(Krisandra Evans)

"Bob and Diane married on Sept. 9 at Oglethorpe University Library." -- Krisandra Evans


(Sara Jeanne Photography)

"As the winds blew and cleared out some of the smoke from the fire on the other side of the park, Kelly and Forrest began their greatest adventure yet in their favorite place: the mountains of Glacier National Park." -- Sara Jeanne


(Le Image Events/Instagram)

"Fall is so damn romantic! Especially in Central Park." -- Honeybreak Officiants


(Fiona Jamieson Photography)

"Jessica and Jeremy brought their friends and families all the way from the Lone Star State to enjoy the very best of northern Irish hospitality. It was a beautiful slice of Texan warmth and love." -- Fiona Jamieson



"Can't get enough of this wedding." -- Neringa "Neri" Ridges


(Jamie Thrower Studio // XIII Photography)

"Shannen and Jennifer said 'I do' in Oakland, California." -- Jamie Thrower


(SGW Photography)

"This autumn season starts off with a gorgeous farm wedding. I have the most beautiful clients!" --  SGW Photography


(Teshorn Jackson Photography)

"Ann and Barry got married at the Piazza on the Green in McKinney, Texas. Planned by Karen Castle of Castle Events." -- Teshorn Jackson


(Leah Moyers Photography)

"Megan and Erica's Chicago wedding day." -- Leah Moyers


(Andre Brown Photography)

"Tabitha and Derek turned their childhood church crush into a lifetime of bliss as they tied the knot in front of family and friends in Atlanta, Georgia." -- Andre Brown


(Autumne Shultz Photography/Instagram)

"One of my favorite shots from Megan and Brandon's wedding." -- Autumne Shultz 


(Tabby Miller Photography)

"Mackenzie and Lance married in front of all their friends and family in Huntley, Montana on Sept. 2. Charlie, their miniature schnauzer, was their ring bearer and it was perfect!" -- Tabby Miller


(Lisa Price Photography)

"Stephen and Halston's wedding took place Sept. 10 in Johnson City, Tennessee." -- Lisa Price 


(Nana Annan Photography)

"Romie Beaujoin (now Grant) and Kamali Grant managed to merge her Haitian heritage and his Jamaican heritage into every single aspect of the wedding. With a 24-person wedding party, this wedding was part carnival, part kompa-fest and part rave." -- Nana Annan 


(Perfect Touch Photography)

"Corey and Erika Jackson married in Detroit, Michigan." -- Perfect Touch Photography


(Type A Images)

"Corie and Jason hit all the major Chicago landmarks for this one -- even taking a stop at McDonalds!" -- Type A Images


(Janine Michele Photography/Instagram)

"I love love.️" -- Janine Michele


(De Nueva Photography/Instagram)

"When you have your first look on a mountaintop." -- Nicki Fietzer 


(Amanda-Lee Seely Photography)

"When I arrived at the house of my bride, Cara, the first thing I noticed was a painting of her and her dad and quickly snapped a photo. At the first look between father and daughter, I recreated the pose, not knowing how cherished the painting was. Cara's uncle had painted that image and he unexpectedly passed 6 months before the wedding so this collage was special to them." -- Amanda-Lee Seely


(Meagan Gibson Photography/Instagram)

"When it finally sinks in that you are husband and wife! The day after their 11-year anniversary, Jessica and Eric finally said 'I do!' Congratulations, you two!" -- Meagan Gibson


(Janelle C Photography)

"Joi Baker and Augustus Jones married on Sept. 17 at DeKalb County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia." -- Janelle C.


(Little Mohr Photography/Instagram)

"A beautiful wedding taking place on the North Shore at the @pipeshop_venue!" -- Laura Mohr-Vancity 


(Autumne Shultz Photography)

"Michael and Chelsea Loving said 'I do' at Springbrook Golf and Country Club on Sept. 16." -- Autumne Shultz

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