35 Brewtiful Gifts For People Who Love Coffee More Than Life Itself

If your spirit animal isLorelai Gilmore, you’re our kind of person.

Coffee loversand coffeeappreciators understand the importance of a good brew ― and the right equipment to make one. That’s why we’ve rounded up this extensive list of gifts for people who are obsessed with coffee. 

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This 100% true t-shirt

This dope to-go French press mug

A Blue Bottle at-home coffee subscription

Seriously, they'll love it. Shop it here

Wall art for their many caffeinated moods

This beautiful hand-forged, hammered-copper coffee scoop

One of these gorgeous glass French presses

Or, for the more ~clumsy~ coffee drinkers, this shatterproof, stainless steel French press

A coffee stick

They'll ~know~ what to do with it. Shop it here

These "Purrcolate" magnets

This coffee body scrub

It's exfoliating, energizing and smells delicious. Shop it here

This caffeine molecule necklace

This gorgeous glass pour-over

Simply pop it onto your favorite mug, and you're ready for a fresh brew. Shop it here

And these reusable organic fabric pour-over coffee filters

For your caffeine-addicted friend who's environmentally conscious. Shop it here

Or, go all out with this pour-over that features a reusable metal filter

Reusable, long-lasting, easy-to-use. What's not to love? Shop it here

This gooseneck pour-over kettle

These coffee tea towels

GTFO tea towels. Shop it here

This temperature-activated constellation mug

This milk frother

So they can take their coffee creations to the next level. Shop it here

This actually attractive electric coffee grinder

True us, no true coffee lover *really* wants to manually grind their coffee each morning. Shop it here

These airtight containers

To store their not-manually-ground coffee grinds. Shop them here

This gorgeous purple clay coffee set

Take their art to the next level. Shop it here

These caffeine-infused chocolates

So they never have to choose between coffee or chocolate. Shop them here

This cold-brew coffee maker

This coffee horn to-go mug

It's tailor-made for commuting. Shop it here

This coffee scrub and cream skin smoothing set

This espresso-scented candle

This mug that also warms donuts and cookies

O M G. Shop it here

This bourbon-infused coffee

Life's two best flavors, combined. Shop it here

This porcelain coffee filter bowl

Unique and adorable. Shop it here

This simple and elegant stainless steel mug

This cute and useful brass coffee scoop

This TBH useful coffee chart

This mini espresso maker

So they can fuel their addiction on the go. Shop it here

This retro coffee canister

Lastly, you can't forget the instant coffee

LOL, just kidding. Please don't buy your coffee-loving friend instant coffee. 


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