65 Halloween Costumes For Families Who Love Dressing Up Together

Caroline Bologna

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t just for kids. Parents can get in on the fun as well.

Families draw inspiration for coordinated costumes from pop culture, food, technology and more. 

To give you some ideas for your Oct. 31 festivities, here are 65 awesome family Halloween costumes.

1 Beetlejuice

(Éva Watson)

2 Mary Poppins

(Monica Dowd)

3 The Obamas (And Secret Service)

(Delina Pryce McPhaull)

4 Batman Villains

(Éva Watson)

5 Pokemon Go

(Galang Do)

6 Alice in Wonderland

(Darcy Dombey Manfredi)

7 Starbucks

(Via Costume Works)

8 Stranger Things

(Via Costume Works)

9 Vending Machines

(Via Costume Works)

10 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

(Via Costume Works)

11 Rock, Paper, Scissors

(Abby Kane)

12 Jaws

(Elyse Lynn)

13 Twin Peaks

(Rebecca Soldan)

14 Snow White and the Evil Queen

(Via Costume Works)

15 Star Wars

(Mary Frances Rizzuto)

16 Loonette the Clown and Molly Dolly

(Via Costume Works)

17 Peter Pan

(Lauren Fraclose Osborne)

18 Rosie The Riveter

(Sarah Aguirre)

19 Ghostbusters

(Sally Parris Barton)

20 Cinderella

(Cori Todd)

21 Game of Thrones

(Samantha Jane Shroba)

22 Mario Kart


23 Scooby-Doo

(Tara LB)

24 Frozen

(Brittany Lawrence)

25 Minions

(Jackie Johnson-Smith)

26 The Wizard of Oz

(Angela Adams)

27 Popeye

(Laura McCoy)

28 Rockford Peaches

(Elizabeth Lyons)

29 Monsters, Inc.

(Robyn Horrigan)

30 The Little Mermaid

(Via Costume Works)

31 Thomas the Tank Engine and Sir Topham Hatt

(Annie Weinheimer Johnson)

32 Little House on the Prairie

(Via Costume Works)

33 Where The Wild Things Are

(Crystal Rosser Parsons)

34 "Thriller" Music Video

(Anna James)

35 101 Dalmatians

(Lisa Braun)

36 Space Travel

(Deidre Bradshaw)

37 Inside Out

(Andrea Ofiara)

38 The Incredibles

(Elsbeth Kuhn)

39 A Christmas Story

(Nena Marie)

40 Zootopia

(Teri Pimento)

41 Construction Crew

(Via Costume Works)

42 Mad Scientist and His Creations

(Erin McCray Gamble)

43 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

(Alyssa Jones)

44 Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley

(Laura McCoy)

45 Little Red Riding Hood

(Heidi Muglia)

46 Superheroes

(Melissa Weber)

47 S'mores

(Cassandra Murdough)

48 Crayons

(Rhona Young)

49 Toy Story

50 Jack and the Beanstalk

(Via Costume Works)

51 Curious George

(Katie Baer)

52 UP

(Sarah Marcellus)

53 Beekeeper, Beehive And Bees

(Via Costume Works)

54 The Addams Family

(Jools Gilbo)

55 Olympians And Coach

(Kristen Alley Floyd)

56 Goonies

(Via Costume Works)

57 '80s Rappers

(Via Costume Works)

58 Popcorn

(Via Costume Works)

59 Aladdin

(Jerilou Passons)

60 The Shining

(Rebecca Soldan)

61 E.T.

62 Nightmare Before Christmas

(Via Costume Works)

63 Brave

(Via Costume Works)

64 Little Shop Of Horrors

(Via Costume Works)

65 Finding Nemo

(Via Costume Works)
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