8 adorable Hanukkah-themed Hanukkah gifts for every person on your list

Jill Layton
8 adorable Hanukkah-themed Hanukkah gifts for every person on your list

Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah! The greatest Jewish holiday of the year is Hanukkah — at least according to those who love receiving gifts (everyone, right?). Jews are blessed with eight glorious nights of opening gifts from the people we love most, but that also means we have up to eight nights of giving gifts to those same people.

So, what do you give the people you love most for the holiday that, aside from the menorah and the chocolate gelt, is all about the presents? Hanukkah isn’t the holiest of the holidays, and it certainly doesn’t require the same level of gift giving as someone’s birthday, so it can be hard to figure out what to give — especially if you’re giving the same person eight gifts. That dilemma is exactly how tchotchkes became acceptable Hanukkah gifts.

It’s also the reason your parents could, according to Jewish law (not actually, don’t take me so literally!), legally give you things like toothbrushes and dreidel socks, and they’d count for a night’s worth of Hanukkah gifts.

But you guys, your loved ones don’t have to suffer like you did! There are plenty of adorable Hanukkah gifts to give, and we’re here to tell you about them.

1. “I love you a latke” mug


If you love someone, but you also love latkes, this mug is the perfect way to announce both of those things. It’s available on Zazzle for $15.80. Buy here.

2. Friendship bracelet

Nothing says “I appreciate your friendship and your Judaism” like this super cute blue and silver friendship bracelet. From ReelLineBracelets on Etsy, each bracelet goes for $11.98, and there are lots of colors to choose from in case blue isn’t your thing.

3. Menorah-shaped spatula

But back to latkes — could there be a better way to flip Jewish potato pancakes than with this menorah-shaped spatula? Probably not. You can buy it for $12.38 on Amazon.

4. Cards Against Humanity: Jew Pack

Since 100% of the Cards Against Humanity writers are Jewish (or at least I think so), it make sense that they’d want to write a CAH pack just for Jews. This is an expansion pack, so if the person you’re shopping for doesn’t already own the original game, you may want to get that as well. Or not. Get it on Amazon for $8. (They missed the boat by not calling this “Cards Against Jewmanity.”)

5. Sweater koozie

It’s an ugly Hanukkah sweater, but on a to-go coffee cup. Except, it’s not ugly. It’s adorable. The koozie is hugging itself, you guys. Available in the MugHugCozy shop on Etsy starting at $17.

6. Hebrew name necklace

If you want to score some extra points with your loved ones, this Hebrew name necklace is the way to do it. Knowing someone’s Hebrew name is impressive, but then taking it a step further and making a necklace is a really impressive and thoughtful gift. Available on the InitialNecklaces Etsy page starting at $26.95 for a silver, white gold plated, rose gold plated, or 18K gold plated necklace.

7. “Lit AF” mug

This mug would make a fantastic Hanukkah gift for someone who knows what “lit AF” means, but also for someone who doesn’t. Can you imagine your grandpa drinking his coffee, just minding his own business, appreciating the Hanukkah sentiment? It would be pretty amazing. It’s available on Zazzle for $15.80.

8. Rugelach

Omg you can buy actual pastries on Etsy. Since Jews love to eat (this is a fact, not a stereotype), you can’t go wrong with rugelach. Unless the person you’re buying for doesn’t like rugelach. The assorted raisin, nuts, cinnamon, and cream cheese cookies come in a 1 lb box. Buy it in the BoardwalkPoundCake shop on Etsy for $15.95.