82-year-old shares flawless Bunnings tile cleaning hack: 'They look new!'

The incredible result cost just under $20.

Tile grout is undoubtedly one of the hardest things to keep spotless, but it seems one woman has found the answer to sparkly clean floors thanks to a winning cleaning combo from Bunnings.

Taking to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the 82-year-old shared the incredible results after using two top-rated Bunnings products that a fellow group member suggested.

Costing her just under $20, she said the exceptional hack results were well worth the hard work.

“To the person who recommended these products - thank you,” she began in her post. “They are a game changer!”

Bunnings tile grout cleaner
If you want clean grout, this is apparently the winning combo you need! Source: Facebook

Alongside her remarks, she posted before and after pictures of her white tiles, which clearly showed how well teaming up the two products worked.

The completed side looked “near-new” while the uncompleted side still had dark and dirty grout lines.

The two Bunnings products included the $14 Sellys Grout Stain Whitener and the $5 Long Life Grout Cleaner. While the products have long been popular with home cleaning experts for some time, it’s using them together that really got her grout clean.


She added that her hard work left her husband “amazed” by the results. Others agreed, with her post fetching more than 1300 likes on her before and after photos and dozens of comments praising her hard work and immaculate floor.

Bunnings tile grout cleaner
Taking a photo during the process, the woman showed off the impressive before and after results. Source: Facebook

“Not only are you doing the floor, but you are getting down and UP off the floor at 82! Well done for keeping physically fit! And able to use Facebook too!!!! You’re my kind of lady,” one person commented.

“Wow what an amazing job, good on you for getting up and down, I am doing mine for sure,” a second person added with a third saying “Well done, what a fabulous effort and wonderful result!”

Explaining exactly how she used the winning cleaning combo, she said she simply followed the instructions on each but used them one after the other.

“It’s very easy. First, clean with cleaner, let dry and then apply grout whitener. Let dry and then wipe off excess,” she shared.

While she said she didn't use a long-handled brush, she did say she used a kneeling cushion to get down on the floor to clean.

Bunnings tile grout cleaner
Both products are available at Bunnings. Source: Bunnings

Those who had also tried the tile cleaning combo said they had similar remarkable results.

“This is how I cleaned mine in a previous house. I then went over the floor with a steam mop. The new owners thought we had just re-tiled the floor!” One impressed person added.

“I use these products too......AMAZING,” confirmed another, meanwhile a third confirmed they had ”flown off shelves” before.

So if you’re looking for a weekend project, you’d better get in quick before this game-changing cleaning duo sells out.

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