873,495 Canadians Walked for Equity and Unity in Their Neighborhoods Across Canada on October 21, 2020 Organized by the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health (NCYMH) Sponsored by Mackenzie Investments and CIBC

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NCYMH National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health (www.ymhconference.ca) a BIPOC Registered Charity unified 873,495 Canadians across Canada to walk in support of anti-racism on October 21, 2020. On the same day this hands-on pragmatic diverse youth mental health organization launched its five (5) year in-depth, positive unifying I Can’t Breathe Equity & Unity National Tour aimed at neutralizing the learning environments in elementary, secondary, post-secondary and corporations. Maxine Adwella-Awedalla, CEO of Progress Consultants, engaged students across Canada with this Call to Action. "Let’s imagine and work together towards a world where every human being is given an equal opportunity to Be Physically and Mentally Healthy, given equal opportunities to Learn, Thrive, and Succeed in Education, Work, and Life."

Galia Bronfman, Director of Events said, "Through this unifying bi-weekly anti-systemic discrimination initiative BIPOC humans can heal from past traumas, find their voice and succeed." NCYMH believes that humans have been mis-educated to discriminate and that systemic discrimination and racism is a mental health problem because hatred is negative and divisive and hurts everyone mentally, emotionally and physically.

NCYMH has partnerships with almost every school board across Canada and there are over 65 school boards with a student population of over two million K-12 students registered to date.

The I Can’t Breathe Equity and Unity bi-weekly systemic discrimination workshops are available interactively via private livestreaming workshops provided through VIMEO, which every child and student across Canada can access through a full trust Cyber Risk Assessed and Approved Child Safe registration.

FREE LAPTOPS and COMPUTERS for Underserved Communities and students across Canada. The bi-weekly anti-systemic discrimination workshops are being live-streamed at every post-secondary Student Union building at almost every mayor university and college across Canada.

NCYMH asks "where-ever" you are on any Wednesday of October and November to please go outside for 15 minutes, if you can’t walk - stand on a sidewalk, a patch of draft and breathe in the air, look up in the sky and envision a world where everyone is given an equal chance to be free, live without discrimination of any kind and succeed.

Equity & Unity Workshops:

TOGETHER Equity & Unity Walkathon

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