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Hips dips, violin hips, high dent hips – maybe you've heard of these terms before, maybe you haven't. I have, because a few years ago while staring intently into a gym changing room mirror (while wearing very snug leggings), I realised that rather than curving all the way round like Beyoncé's, my hips sort of came in a little in the middle. A bit like a violin shape, if you will.

At first, I became fixated on my "abnormal" hips and a quick Google search soon pulled up a tonne of articles about 'how to get rid of hip dips' or 'surgery for hip dips' which only added to my spiralling self-consciousness. People were searching for how to correct this part of my figure that I'd only just discovered (after twenty-odd years on the planet)? I immediately added hip dips to my mental list of 'Things To Hate About Myself'. Until I tried another search term: 'women with hip dips'.

This time around, pictures of women – like me – in their pastel gym clothes, or bikinis, or fitted dresses came up. They were all shapes and sizes, and they too had hip dips – and I thought right, well they're all a bit bloody gorgeous. So, why then, I asked myself, couldn't I think the same thing about my own figure? It made me realise the importance of seeing other bodies like your own and that actually, life is too short to feel shit about yourself. So, in the spirit of that, here's a round-up of some of my favourite hip dip influencers and appreciators.

Stefania Ferrario

Body positive advocate and model Stefania (AKA Marilyn Monroe reincarnated?) has the old school pin-up look down to a tee – she regularly posts beautiful lingerie shots featuring her iconic hip dips too. We love to see it.

Laura Désirée

Another brilliant Instagram account to follow for a regular dose of self-love is Laura Désirée's – she even has a highlight reel dedicated solely to her hip dips. Laura posts about how "cute" they are, alongside detailing her empowering story of recovering from an eating disorder.

Stephanie Doss

Gym guru Steffi, who uses the handle @TekkiSteffi, embraces her body for all that it can do, not only how it looks, while sharing her fitness journey along the way. She's a big #hipdips fan too.

Elise Zearo

Spreading the hip dip love is something that athlete Elise is passionate about, dedicating multiple posts to normalising them. Check out this gorgeous shot of her, captioned: "Just me showing off a bit off ab definition and my fav body part, my hip dips.✌️😘 They are absolutly beautiful, on me, on you, on everyone! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk."

Cam P.

The fashion blogger recently spoke out about how her feelings towards her hip dips have changed and how she now sees them as "perfectly imperfect". Writing about her journey, Cam told her followers, "I most likely had hip dips all my life, but never noticed until one day I searched on Google “uneven hips.” That’s when I discovered the term and that it’s common (and normal). It became an insecurity of mine because I thought the appearance of my hips looked so awkward. Why are we so hard on ourselves over the silliest things? Fast forward, my hips (uneven and all) are imperfectly, perfect!"

Jessica Marls

One personal trainer is such a fan of her hip shape that she lovingly referred to them as 'hip dip goals' in one post – and we can't help but agree. Three cheers to Jess for this candid shot in which she explains that she never even noticed her hip dips until she spotted people sadly asking how to get rid of theirs.

Jet'aime Kock

The South African digital creator shared a picture of herself rocking some seriously enviable workout gear, simply captioned "Hip Dip Appreciation". 👏👏👏

Anabel Coupland

As well as documenting her fitness escapades, student journalist Anabel detailed her relationship with her body in a post showing her hip dips off in their full glory. "People have different body types and I’ve only recently discovered that no matter how heavy my weights are or the amount of protein I consume, I can’t change the bones in my body," she wrote. "Love your hip dips guys!" Amen to that.

Tara Dixon

Former model Tara shared a story along with her hip dip appreciation post, about a time that a photographer stopped mid-shot to debate whether or not they could edit out her "problem" hip shape. Sadly, the incident dented her confidence for a while, but these days she's more than embracing her shape and wants to be "a reminder to the world that you are perfect just the way you are, whichever way you curve - inwards, outwards, it DOESN’T matter".

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