'90 Day: The Last Resort' Production Has to Jump in When Angela and Liz Face Off in Explosive Hot Tub Clash

On the latest '90 Day Fiancé' spinoff ep, a resort staffer and behind-the-scenes crew had to intervene to prevent a physical altercation between Angela Deem and 'Big Ed' Woods' fiancée Elizabeth Woods

When 90 Day Fiancé cast members get together, there’s sure to be chaos.

Monday night’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort saw an explosive argument between Angela Deem and Elizabeth "Liz" Woods. The clash got so bad that 90 Day camera men and a resort staffer had to step in to prohibit a physical altercation from breaking out after Angela got in Liz’s face.

It all started when Ed "Big Ed" Brown continued to call cast member Kelly Brown a “bitch” throughout the day and night — and when he cheated in a therapy game the whole group had to play. While breaking down the events of the day, it was Angela — not Liz — who stood up for Ed.

One impulsive splash by Angela, who was trying to shut Ed up, inevitably escalated the whole argument. She drenched both Liz and Ed.

“I’ve always been for the underdog,” she told producers, referring to Ed. Noting that “Liz wasn’t taking up for him," she added, "somebody had to.”

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It was a bonding moment for Angela and Ed, who was “completely touched” that someone was standing up for him. On other other hand, Liz remained silent as her fiancé got closer with the other woman. To cameras, Liz said she didn’t condone Kelly’s “attack” on Ed, “but Ed does tend to run his mouth a lot, and Ed’s gotta learn his consequences.”

As Liz began to leave the tub, she angered Angela by saying, “I love you, Angie, but you speak over everyone.”

Angela climbed out of the hot tub in pursuit, yelling, “Oh bitch, don’t go there motherf---er.” 

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Angela rained down a storm of expletives, asking Liz, “When did I f---ing talk over you?” But Liz stayed silent and aloof — even when Angela was less than an inch from her face.

A staffer came over to quiet the argument, telling Angela, “We’ve got guests here.” Production stepped in, too, physically stepping in between Angela and the other cast members. The Georgia woman even tried to follow Ed and Liz into their hotel room in a flurry of anger, but a production member pulled her back.

Later in the episode, Angela went to a solo therapy session to address her anger, while Ed and Liz slept separately because Ed didn’t try to stop Angela from the harassment. The episode ended with Liz angrily calling her mother to throw doubt on whether she'd move to Arkansas to be with Ed — or even stay with him at all.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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