90 Day: Yara Has Secretly Taken Birth Control for Months Because She's 'Not Ready' for Another Baby with Jovi

When Yara opened up on Monday's episode of TLC's '90 Day: The Last Resort' about her fears of getting pregnant again, Jovi bristled at the implications of his wife's surprise bombshell

Yara is coming clean on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

On Monday’s episode of the TLC reality show, Yara dropped a family planning bombshell on her husband Jovi.

While discussing a trust exercise, the Ukraine native revealed that she had been secretly taking birth control out of fear Jovi would intentionally get her pregnant.

“I've been keeping this secret for so long and today's a day about communication,” Yara said in an interview without Jovi. “So I just want to tell him already. I want to be fully committed to this process, that's why we're here. We're not here to keep in secrets. So I'm ready.”

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<p>TLC</p> Yara and Jovi


Yara and Jovi

Fanning away the tears forming in her eyes, she continued, “So you're always talking [about having] a second baby and I always tell you I’m not ready. It's just not the time and I've been hiding from you. I've been taking birth control and I didn't tell you about that.”

“Why would you not tell me that?" Jovi asked. "I feel like that's something we should discuss instead of going behind my back to do it.”

“I was just thinking that it's better for you [to] be mad at me, than I'm gonna get pregnant and bring the baby to the world for not this healthy situation,” Yara explained.

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<p>TLC</p> Jovi and Yara


Jovi and Yara

When Jovi asked if she thought he would intentionally get her pregnant without “having a plan together,” Yara defended herself and noted his insistence on getting his way.

In a joint confessional, Jovi admitted he didn’t appreciate how Yara gave him the news in front of their castmates.

“I know I can be adamant about what I want and maybe a little pushy sometimes,” he said, “but I really feel like you've blindsided me, and you shouldn't have done this in front of everyone. Like, we should have done this in a private session [when] we’re just meeting the therapists. Like, you need to be more considerate.”

“No. Blindsiding you, it’s a group therapy,” Yara replied to a disgruntled looking Jovi. “That's the whole point of the therapy.”

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<p>TLC</p> Yara and Jovi


Yara and Jovi

Jovi's dismay was obvious to his other cast members who also reacted to the surprising news, with Kelly Brown noting that his disappointment was clear to everybody. 

“For me, I could see it in Jovi's face, like, 'Damn, you don't trust me,'" he added. But his partner Molly Hopkins noted, “It only takes one. It takes one swimmer to get in there to make a baby.”

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90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET after 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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