90 Day's Angela Bucks at Anger Management Therapy: 'You Come After Me, I'm Gonna Come Back Stronger'

"I have a problem with trying to express my words. I don't have the comfort everybody has, I don't have no one to help me stop. I mean I get upset," Angela admitted on '90 Day: The Last Resort'

90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem is facing the fallout after her explosive hot tub clash with Elizabeth "Liz" Woods.

On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, relationship trauma expert Dr. Janie Lacy wanted to address the situation with Angela, 57, and help her rein in her knee-jerk rage.

“Angela has some issues with how she manages her emotions,” explained the therapist. “Her anger has served her well in how she's moved through life and sometimes people are most afraid of what life would be like without their armor.”

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When Dr. Janie arrived at Angela’s hotel room, she said that she had heard about “the ruckus” from the night before, adding, “I heard things were not level 10, they were level 12. I understand you were part of that.”

Angela immediately responded, “Who ratted me out?” Dr. Janie gave a more general answer: “I'm staying here at the resort too and I'm in touch with the resort staff because we do want to make sure this is a pleasurable great experience for everybody.”



In a confessional interview later, Angela wasn’t ready to accept the blame for the altercation. “Dr. Janie telling me that she needs to speak to me about the incident that happened last night makes me feel again that I'm the bad person,” she said. “But you come after me, I'm gonna come back stronger.”

When Angela asked what was “wrong” with her behavior, Dr. Janie turned the tables and asked her about what sparked her outburst.

“I just get sick of Liz playing the victim. When Liz made that comment, like, ‘all night, you've talked over me,’” she explained. It just reminded me of [my husband] Michael — like, You just lying dead in my damn face.”

She continued, “I'm not taking it. I took it a whole year with my husband lying, cheating. Especially if you're right in my face telling me I've done something I ain't. I do go off because I'm not taking it from no one. Michael’s lied so much, he's traumatized me.”

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Dr. Janie identified that Angela’s behavior was sparked by Liz’s tone and body language.

Angela responded that it wasn’t in her nature to back down, sharing, “I worked at the prison. So that's something that I always take when we ever were to, you know, I can't help that and maybe that's my problem.”

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Dr. Janie reminded her that was “a beautiful thing” about her personality, adding, “But sometimes our most beautiful qualities there's two sides of the coin right? There's another side of the coin and sometimes it comes from a pain point.”

Angela then admitted, “I have a problem with trying to express my words. I don’t have the comfort everybody has, I don't have no one to help me stop. I mean I get upset.”



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Dr. Janie showed compassion for Angela arriving at the retreat solo, sharing, “It’s difficult, you are here on a couples retreat, and part of your couple isn’t here. Long-distance relationships are hard, especially with the amount of time the two of you’ve been apart.”

She told Angela that they still needed to work on her “anger response” during the retreat, and Angela finally agreed.

“Today's session with Dr. Janie. She's right. Never thought of it like that,” Angela said in a confessional. “She's right, and my triggers sometimes make me be too aggressive and that's the same aggressiveness with Michael — and maybe I have some fixing to do too. Maybe.”

She continued, “I love Michael, and I don't want our only communication to be just screaming and hollering. I want to learn a new way, a better way to communicate instead of getting upset. I have to if we're gonna fix this.”

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