90 Day's 'Big' Ed and Angela Go Skinny-Dipping — and She Can't Resist a Dig That 'Michael Is Bigger'

Following Ed's full frontal, Angela returned the favor and bared her breasts as a form of hilarious payback

B"Big Ed" Brown is baring it all!

On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, the 58-year-old reality star wasn’t afraid to go nude while enjoying a soak in the hot tub with his partner Elizabeth "Liz" Woods before the rest of their castmates joined for a dip.

“You’re at a resort, you can’t do that here!” Liz laughed as she watched Ed strip off his shorts.

He then replied, “Oh, yes I can!”

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<p>TLC</p> Big Ed on '90 Day: The Last Resort'


Big Ed on '90 Day: The Last Resort'

As the two floated around with glasses of champagne in hand, Angela "Sexy Memaw" Deem approached the pair, and Ed rose out of the water to give her a full-frontal greeting.

“Come on in!” Ed said cheekily as Angela covered her eyes and groaned. “Oh my f---ing God!”

“Hey, I just wanted to salute you,” he added while she continued to double over with laughter. 

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<p>TLC</p> Angela on '90 Day: The Last Resort'


Angela on '90 Day: The Last Resort'

Wanting to get some payback for Ed’s little peep show, Angela pulled down her top to reveal her breasts.

“Well since you did that, how’s that?” she fired back, as Ed and Liz cracked up.

“He gets the medal of courage!” she told the cameras of Ed’s nude figure. “Because Michael’s about three inches bigger. I’m just kidding, just that there’s no comparison.”

“Ed, not to be smart but we can get you an extension,” the 57-year-old reality star quipped.

<p>TLC</p> Angela on '90 Day: The Last Resort'


Angela on '90 Day: The Last Resort'

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Tickled pink by her dig, Ed attempted to defend himself and chalked matters of his size up to the water and it being cold.

As additional cast members began to trickle in, he quickly pulled his shorts on before he could expose himself to the others.

Angela suggested he “do what you did to me, why don’t you, in front of Kelly?” and while Ed joked he would “later,” Kelly Brown recoiled at the thought of sitting in a tub where he was previously naked.

“When MeeMaw told me Ed was naked in the tub, I was like ‘Oh God, why? And I’m in the water? I’m going to throw up,” he told the cameras.

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