90 Day's Christian Drops the 'Love' Bomb — Then Invites a Random Girl to a Meaningful Celebration

Cleo has been seeing red flags with Christian, who's made no "effort to understand my needs" as an autistic person when involving her in unexpected social situations

Christian and Cleo just might get whiplash on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

The American man went from romantic gestures to betrayal over the course of one episode on Sunday — and there’s no telling where it will land their relationship. It all started when the couple went to a costume shop to cosplay, and Christian had a sparkling gift up his sleeve.

In a moment of romance, he approached Cleo with a sterling silver necklace as a “physical” representation of his emotions. “I wanted to show you something, like a physical thing, to represent my love for you.”

Cleo was stunned by the gift — and by Christian’s use of the “L” word. “Did you just say your love for me?” she asked. Christian responded, “Yeah, yeah I did. I want to keep working on us. I want you to know I’m serious."

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Though the moment seemed to be a turning point in their relationship, the loved-up bliss didn’t last long. Later in the episode, Christian returned from a solo night out and told Cleo he’d met another American woman. Because of their connection as foreigners, he invited the stranger to the Thanksgiving Cleo would be hosting.

“That’s really weird. I feel like it will take me, probably a couple years of knowing somebody before inviting them over to my house,” Cleo responded.

“I just figured an American out and about might be interested in coming to a Thanksgiving,” Christian said.

Christian's open, friendly personality has been escalating from discomfort to red flag to Cleo, who has autism, as the pair have grown closer. “Socializing can be very draining for autistic people, so I prefer not to socialize in unknown environments,” she said in an interview. “Christian kind of knows that about me, and I’m feeling disappointed and frustrated that he’s not making an effort to understand my needs or where I’m coming from.”

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This hasn’t been the first time Christian's extroverted nature has rubbed Cleo the wrong way. He previously sparked a conversation with a group of women while on a date with Cleo. He also admitted to chatting up some women on the airplane ride to Europe, though it seemed the conversation wasn’t necessarily welcome by the women.

Cleo remembered the other occasions, saying, “This isn’t the first time I hear from Christian that he’s talking to another woman, whether he’s on a plane, or the bar, and I’m starting to kind of see a pattern. Even though his intentions are just to be friendly, I feel that it is a little strange to constantly seek that intentional validation from other women.”

In the end, it could be a deal-breaker for Cleo — who is introverted and cherishes her one-on-one time. The pair have a few more days together before Christian flys back to America, and the fate of their relationship will be determined.

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