'98 not out': Could this be the world's oldest gym junkie?

Here's some motivation to go to the gym tomorrow – a World War Two veteran who may be the oldest gym junkie on the planet.

And at 98 years old, he has no plans to stop working out.

For John Hamilton age is just a number. And so is 100, the number of sit ups he does a day.

"As an old man, I want to keep myself fit," he told 7 News.

A major in the army, John Hamilton fought in World War II. Source: 7 News

His hour-and-a-half long workout is putting other gym junkies to shame.

The ex-army major who served in the Second World War has always tried to keep in shape as the years went by.

But the "gentle" exercises recommended by his doctor became a little more serious in his 90s.

He's 98 and still pumping iron. Source: 7 News

Now the nonagenarian cannot see a reason to stop or slow down.

"No I can't see it," he said

"It's what I feel, and every day I feel I want to go to the gym, it's an addiction."

'98 not out': And still fighting fit. Source: 7 News

Staff at the gym and its own Julie Harridge are amazed at his stamina.

"He's become a bit of a superstar really," she said.

"Everyone chats to him, everyone's inspired by him.

John Hamilton doesn't want to slow down. Source: 7 News

"He's become part of the furniture he's been here so long, he's here like clockwork."

John said he is a living example that you are never too old to keep yourself fit.

And younger generations could learn something from him.

He was a young sprite once. Source: 7 News

"I think not enough young people keep themselves fit," he said.

"I've seen men come here stay a couple of weeks then finish. Why?"

John's wife passed away a decade ago and says exercise is as much about the min as it is the body.

He would be an inspiration to Rocky. Source: 7 News

"If I stop exercising tomorrow, I think I'd give up life. I'd say you know, life's no longer worth living. I'm just static," he said.

"I don't think about age, I think about how I feel."

And John feels he will still be working out when he turns 100.

The Queen will have to leave the telegram on the treadmill.