With the release of their debut album 'Peace of Mind', we chat with Anika, Boh & Hollie about the inspiration behind Kiwi music's latest collaboration, the highs and lows of being on the road together, and which famous muso they'd like to go on a dinner date with...

What/who inspired the coming together of AnikaBoh&Hollie?

Anika: We got together over a glass of wine. We had the idea because we are great friends and thought it'd be cool to be musical with each other which would eventually lead to touring, which is fun when it's with your friends.

Boh: I think the heavens were aligned. It was fate. And wine.

Hollie: As both Anika and Boh say above.

With differing personality types, which roles do each of you take on within the group?

Anika: I'm the serious one, Hollie is the prankster and Boh likes to burn incense and talk in tongues. Jokes! I make the band laugh, Hollie keeps us focused and Boh is the fashionista- if that's a word.

Boh: We run AnikaBoh&Hollie like a very small country. It's a respectful democracy, and majority rules. If someone has strong feelings about doing or not doing something we talk about what the best is for us all. Hollie is business minded and keeps an eye on that side if things, Anika is diplomatic and frequently runs point for us and I offer support where I'm needed... Bottle store runs... Etc....

Hollie: I feel we all swap and change as we need to.

How well did you know each other beforehand, and how would you describe your relationships now?

Anika: I have known them both for ages but we are definitely besties now. Right guys? Guys?

Boh: We were friendly acquaintances; Anika and Hollie have worked together quite a lot so they already knew each other well. We are pretty tight now after everything we've been doing together.

Hollie: We knew each other well but after spending the last 8 months together pretty much everyday & with sharing music, which always gets into personal territory then we are definitely much closer. We’re more of a little family now.

Were you nervous about the launch of Anika, Boh & Hollie, why/why not?

Anika: I am proud of our work so was not nervous at all. It all seems to be rolling well and we take it in our stride.

Boh: A little but more excited than nervous. There's no telling how we would be received. We love the songs we've written together and we enjoy playing together. We'd love it if people enjoy our album and live shows too.

Hollie: We always did this to have fun so although there was a little pressure really with the way it came together & how we work together we weren't really too concerned other than us still having a good time doing it.

What’s your response to the feedback you’ve had so far from the album?

Anika: If it makes people feel then I've done my job. Also, I like our pretty album cover. We are hot!

Boh: Brilliant positive response from peers and fans alike. So happy.

Hollie: Totally stoked. Entering in at number 2 on the NZ Top 40 music charts & number 1 on NZ charts is just a nice way to gauge that people were interested & they wanted to support the project. All the album reviews have been glowing which is good to see also. You can take that all with a grain of salt also but it's real good to see positive feedback.

How do you each juggle family/relationships with your musical commitments?

Anika: Very hard. Lots of future planning and nanny booking!

Boh: You just do. Those that love you know that you have a bizarre career and because they care about you they don't mind you traipsing around the country side.

Hollie: Always with difficulty. There is sacrifice and time away from people we love but that's part of the job really.

Tell us something about each other that not many people would know

Anika/Boh/Hollie: What happens on tour stays on tour.

Which famous musician would you choose to go to dinner with and why?

Anika: Beyonce for obvious bootylicious reasons.

Boh: How 'bout cocktails? Dinner is a big commitment. If we have a rapport at cocktails then book us in for a degustation somewhere amazing. I'd like to shoot the breeze w Prince. He doesn't drink though so he'd be mocktailing it.

Hollie: Lady Gaga - I imagine the conversation would be fascinating.

What’s the best and worst thing about being on the road together?

Anika Best is being with an amazing group of people and having lots of fun. What happens on tour stays on tour.... The worst is being away from my family. I cry lots about it.

Boh: Disrupted sleep in different places every night. And long drives. And not enough charge on your laptop. Best thing is hanging with like minded people whose company you enjoy.

Hollie: All of it’s good.

How would you describe your overall sound/musical style/theme in ‘Peace of Mind’, and what does each of you bring to the group?

Anika: It's like eating oysters, strawberries and rock n roll all in a day. That musical mix up is what we've got. Hollie has soul, I have the melody and Boh has the rock. It's f**cking cool.

Boh: We each believe in the power of a good song and we each want to make something the best we can. That's why this works. Plus we can all sing in tune which helps. Ha!

What do you guys like to do to chill out while on tour?

Anika: I watch Californication. I am in love with Hank Moody.

Boh: Watch movies. Explore the city/town you’re in. Hunt out good restaurants/ cafes.

Hollie: There's not much time for chilling. But if we can, catch up with friends & family in whatever town we in. Or out for dinners if there’s a night off.

If you each weren’t musicians, what would you be?

Anika: I'd just try and hang out with youth and keep them on track, give them someone to look up to so they stay out of trouble. Kind of like Mother Teresa but hotter.

Boh: I'd concentrate on design, try and work on more projects other than my jewellery range and maybe learn a language or study anthropology.

Hollie: No idea. It's the only option I ever have myself... Probably something with kids.

Where are each of you based? What challenges did you encounter while working on the album together? How long did it take to make?

Anika: Auckland. My only challenge was I was sick while we recorded the album.

Boh: Auckland, There weren't any great challenges bar making sure we met our deadlines time-wise in the studio.. including the writing and sculpting of songs maybe 9 months. The physical recording was pretty fast though, just under two weeks.

Hollie: All in Auckland during this process so was pretty sweet.

What’s in the pipeline for Anika, Boh & Hollie?

Anika/Boh/Hollie: We're on the road travelling w the tour for another week and then everyone's taking a well-deserved break for a bit. Then we'll see what the future brings when we get there.

You can catch the girls in Nelson, Blenheim, Tauranga, Auckland and Hamilton on the last dates of The Classic Hits Winery Tour with Fat Freddy's Drop, The Adults and Clara van Wel. Go to anikabohhollie.com

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