Naked 80-year-old woman tasered by police

Yahoo! New Zealand June 18, 2012, 7:04 am
Naked 80-year-old woman tasered by police (NZ COPY)

Police in the US have tasered a naked 80-year-old woman who was quoting the bible to calm her down after she attacked officers with her walking stick.

The incident happened last month in St George, South Carolina, but the police department have now backed the officer involved, claiming the woman could have hurt fellow officers and medical crews with her metal walking stick.

A policeman was woken up by Dorris Brown causing a commotion outside his house in St George, reports The Daily Mail.

Ms Brown is believed to have left her house after an argument with the landlord and then reportedly smashed three windows.

The officer who was awakened tried to calm Ms Brown, who was naked at the time, and was then joined by three other officers.

They initially tried to calm her down and then cover her up with a blanket.

She then started swinging her cane around and the town’s police chief Anthony Britt decided to take action to prevent any members of the public getting hurt.

"Officers made contact with her. She was non responsive and quoting scriptures from the Bible," Britt told Live5 WCSC News.

"She swung the cane several times at different officers as they were trying to approach her," Britt added.

"One of the officers that came from behind almost got hit in the head with the cane. At that point, I just told the officers,'She's in a safe position, just go ahead and taser her so we can prevent anybody from getting hurt.’”

"We contacted [the woman's family] on the scene. We told them what was going on and they said,'Thank you,'" Britt said. "They said they would be down to get her the assistance that she needed."

No charges have been filed but one concerned neighbour said: “That was messed up.”

Troy Hallman added: “They should have said,'This lady's not in the right state of mind. Let's try to get the cane out of her hand and get her where she needs to be.' You got to shoot an old lady? Come on."

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