Teacher posts nude pics on Facebook, rants at parents

Yahoo! New Zealand August 16, 2012, 11:52 am
Teacher posts nudes on Facebook, rants at parents

A primary school teacher in the UK has come under fire for posting inappropriate pictures of herself on Facebook, and ranting about persuasive parents - despite her students being able to see all of it.

The trainee teacher is 'friends' with some of her eight year-old students on Facebook, and they can access a racy picture of her with her husband, and read about how much she doesn't like to be bothered on school holidays, according to the Daily Mail.

The post, spelling mistakes and all, reads as follows:

'Some parents just Think that teachers are free 24/7. Keep msging me about what topics to learn and when is it. Can't they just refer to their kids handbook and consent forms?!! I repeated in class, send out consent forms n even get them to write in handbook yet the cant even bother to check. I STill needa entertain them on school hol!!'

Parents have taken exception to the teachers' poor grasp of English, despite being in charge of their children's education.

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