Big Wednesday skyrockets
Big Wednesday skyrockets

One ticket holder could be $23 million richer after today's Big Wednesday draw - the fourth-largest prize in Lotto history.

While there's not much more to it than luck, the New Zealand Herald has reported there are ways of increasing your chances.

Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Auckland David Scott told the Herald mathematicians are working on ways to pick the winning numbers.

"There's no way of increasing your chances of winning but it's possible to increase your chances of getting more money and not having to share it.

"Avoid the numbers of 1 up to 30, where people choose their birthdays."

Scott says he's constantly approached when big prizes are up for grabs by Lotto players.

"There are more sophisticated approaches to picking numbers that other people don't choose because there are combinations people don't choose. It's actually quite hard to pick numbers that other people don't pick.

"You have to examine the patterns of what people pick and what pairs they pick and all that sort of thing."

"I've had quite a few calls about it from time to time," he told the Herald.

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