Sentencing delayed for Target cleaner

NZ Newswire September 24, 2012, 5:14 pm

Sentencing for a carpet cleaner who was secretly filmed by a consumer television show allegedly performing an indecent sexual act has been delayed while a judge considers new submissions.

The man has pleaded guilty in Manukau District Court to charges of burglary and unlawfully accessing a computer after his actions were broadcast on TV3's hidden camera consumer programme Target.

The man's lawyer Nicole Smith wants interim name suppression for her client to continue, using a psychiatric report to back her argument up, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Police lawyer Harvena Hudson says naming the man him would prevent suspicion falling on other cleaners.

Judge Anna Johns delayed sentencing until Friday, saying she'd received so much material she needed more time to consider it.

The man was filmed rifling through a laundry basket and sniffing several pairs of underwear before kneeling in front of a computer and allegedly performing a lewd act before throwing a pair of knickers back into the laundry basket.

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