Sir Paul Holmes farewelled

Newstalk ZB Updated February 8, 2013, 5:22 pm

Broadcasting great Sir Paul Holmes has been farewelled in Auckland.

Up to a thousand people gathered at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell for this afternoon's service.

The mourners were addressed by Dean Jo Kelly-Moore.

"We have come together to remember before God the life of Sir Paul Scott Holmes and to give thanks for the impact of his life on us all. For his commitment to this country, for the love and care that he offered others and for his inspiration to so many people."

Sir Paul Holmes' children each read out a quote.

Millie's was from her dad.

"Water can cut through iron...find out who you are. Know who you are. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be proud of your strengths and laugh at your weaknesses."

And Reuben read a quote from Bill Hicks, which compared life to a ride in an amusement park.

"Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real? Or is this just a ride? Those people remember and they come back to us and they say don't worry. Don't ever be afraid, ever, because it's just a ride."

Mike Williams, former Labour Party president, and a long time friend told those gathered Sir Paul was blessed with three girls in his lifetime.

His first wife Hinemoa, their daughter Millie, and his widow Deborah.

"To Hinemoa, it was a rough ride we know, but the two of you exchanged and nurtured two precious gifts, Millie and Reuben."

Mike Williams also said Sir Paul campaigned tirelessly against methamphetamine, with latest statistics show the epidemic is waning - something Mike Williams says Paul had a lot to do with.

Former Newstalk ZB boss Bill Francis, describes a discussion the pair had when Paul missed work after a big night out.

"We had a brief discussion and he said 'so I 'll see you tomorrow morning'. No I said, 'you need to come into work and see me so we can more fully discuss this'. 'I'll tell you what', said Paul, 'what say we meet at the French Cafe for lunch, my shout'. What can I say, totally incorrigible."

Holmes' long-time friend, Peter Beaven, says his creative flare was evident when they were university students together.

"Paul formed a late night review called 'Knackers'. They used to come round to our flat to polish up their scripts. I don't think I ever laughed more in my life than during those visits. The show started with Paul walking on stage dressed only in his underpants, to read the late night news in briefs."

The thoughts of his friends and colleagues were best expressed by fellow broadcaster John Hawkesby.

"Go well, Sir Paul. Rest easy. God knows you've earned it. Thanks for the memories and the big big heart. So long you clever, charming, courageous, cheeky little whitey."

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  1. BRIAN07:34am Saturday 09th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Yes a funeral that by looking at the pictures was more about Millies Legs. A couple of pics of the congregation would have been suffice.

  2. SHELLEY10:36pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Really Perplexed now. I'm referring to all the voyeur photos of Millies leg

  3. Dude Man10:30pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Paul Holmes gone, Paul Henry next.....!

  4. Nukes Rule09:35pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    RIP SIr Paul. While I didn't always agree with all he did, I totaly changed my view point after reading his wonderful book 'Daughters of Erebus' Told the story in such a compasionate way.

  5. Robyn09:09pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    RIP Sir Paul, Another good man taken so young! Sympathy to your Family.

  6. Bilbo09:03pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    An egotistical man, Hinemoa was well rid of him.

  7. 08:50pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    ...... freedom of speech is a fantastic privilege...because without it, fwits like jumbo, roberto,issp and a few others would have no means to embarass themselves...

  8. Banjax08:45pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Paul Homes was a very clever at using people to further his own ends and making himself look good to the public. This is the guy that went to Karamu High with my my late brother in law so we had contact with him and new him at a very early age. To Kiwirich sorry sunshine you have no idea of the man inside the suit.

  9. Greg08:37pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Thank God that's over. who cares about Paul Holmes. He was pretty useless in my view anyway. As for him being a Sir, how bloody ridiculous. He was an overpaid so called celebrity and did nothing for anyone. Only reason he was in the anti drugs things was because of his daughter. If Paul Holmes was one of NZ"s celebs then how pathetic are we. Sorry to hear of anyone dying,but Paul Holmes was just another one to pass. Nothing for NZ to get in a hype about.

  10. Perplexed08:32pm Friday 08th February 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Fuckoffshelley He helped more people than you did ah,& you so young? hows that???? selfserving then? Yu can tell me ah????? pure scum.


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