Horan won't quit parliament, lawyer says

By Peter Wilson and Laura McQuillan, NZ Newswire Updated December 4, 2012, 5:47 pm

Former NZ First MP Brendan Horan won't resign from parliament and is stunned by his "bombshell" expulsion from caucus, his lawyer says.

Mr Horan is embroiled in a family scandal and has rejected allegations he misappropriated money from his late mother's estate.

Party leader Winston Peters told parliament on Tuesday he had received "substantive material" relating to the allegations, some of it as recently as 2.15pm.

"The information I have received leaves me in a position where I have no confidence in Mr Horan's ability to continue as a Member of Parliament and he will be expelled from the New Zealand First caucus forthwith," he said.

"Mr Horan has a duty, I believe, to resign as a Member of Parliament."

Mr Horan's lawyer, Paul Mabey QC, says the MP has no intention of resigning.

"He sees no reason to leave because he has done nothing wrong," Mr Mabey said on Radio New Zealand.

"He had no idea this was coming. He hasn't been shown the material."

Mr Mabey says he will talk to the MP on Wednesday.

"Right now he is dealing with the bombshell delivered in parliament... it is very stressful."

Mr Peters told reporters he deliberately used parliamentary privilege to make the announcement.

"I'm not going to be subject to people spraying defamation writs that cost you a fortune, no matter how correct you might be," he said.

Mr Peters acknowledged he had judged Mr Horan.

"Yes, I have, because that's the position I'm in and I've got to take it deadly seriously."

Mr Horan's half-brother, Mana Ormsby, has alleged thousands of dollars were misappropriated from Olwen Horan's bank account before she died in August, aged 87.

Mrs Horan won about $1 million in an Australian lottery in August 1999, and in February 2007 she had $259,000 in her account.

When she died there was just $3000 left.

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  1. Sullir07:32am Wednesday 05th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Getting rid of the NZ First label could be the best thing for Brendan Horan especially when he is able to prove that these allegations are untrue and malicious. Imagine anyone taking the word of his half brother Mark who lived with the now deceased mother and has collected a benefit for 15 years! His gravy train is off the rails! Oddly I think that Brendan has been wronged and it is Winston who is going to look like a reactionary fool at the end of the day. Good luck young fella.

  2. KC01:09am Wednesday 05th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Of course Bendon Horan won't quit Parliament because that will mean a loss of over $150,000 a year plus nice perks.

  3. KC01:08am Wednesday 05th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Poor old Brendon Horan isn't even allowed to dab in TAB with his late mother's slush fund!! Pity that he lost heaps and found out by his late mum and now, it is not ony going to rain, it buckets down big time. Good old Winston Peters had taken the bull by the HOR.N and booted Brendon out of NZ First caucus and NZ Party. This must be worth 5% increase in votes for NZ First in enxt election!!!

  4. fish hunt vote care10:37pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Greg your quite correct , your average Maori is used to make up the numbers so a filthy few get all the gain, sadly many down and out young Maori feel empowered when they hear/read of new claims going through but they are merely being used and actually thier gain is NIL. infact if non maori feel hard done by , joe bloggs Maori should be outraged ! but most dont know whats really happening.

  5. Anonymous09:48pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    This is great. Brings the Winnie Party into further disrepute.

  6. Henry08:55pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    brendan who? of course he doesn't want to leave parliament, he's there to do a tough job representing the people, and tho the pay is shitall, he will struggle manfully at the job and pay no attention to all that #$%$ about snouts, curly wee tails and a gilded feeding trough. good on ya mate, just serve another couple of years and we'll be so grateful we'll give you 85% of yr salary as a pension for the next 40 years, plus free travel for you and the missus for ever. make sure you don't disappoint us!!!

  7. greg08:33pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Brendan didnt tell the house of reps that the person on the ngati manuhiri treaty settlement mook terence hohneck was a bankrupt when this person signed the AIP & Deed of Settlement with Crown Ministers Chris Finlayson ,Bill English,on the ngati manuhiri documents,so Horan deserves his dismissal.As for Winston Peters,his brother Wayne gets all the commercial fisheries money from te ohu kaimoana-waitangi fisheries commission,for all the fish in our pakiri seabed rohe,nothing has come back to the coastal maori families adjacent to the pakiri beach,from the local omaha marae,our family is the timi family on this marae trust.We own taumata b a 40acre land block on pakiri beach.The Ngati Wai Trust board are not our iwi,they changed their name from the Whangaruru Ngatiwai Trust Board to only the Ngati Wai Trust Board on 22nd Sept 1984 only 28 years under the charitable trusts act 1957.Plus the ripof fact that only 3 people are on the ngati manuhiri private settlement trust to recieve all the treaty settlement redress,which leaves us ,and all the ngati manuhiri hapu members left out of this settlement, even though we had our own treaty claim numbers,that were forced into this abhorent deed and bill ,against our consent.The Govt Direct Negotiations are corrupt to,not for maori but for themselves,picking their own winners and friends.2 MILLION CUBIC METRES OF SAND COMES OUT OF THE PAKIRI SEABED FROM KAIPARA EXCAVATORS LTD,FOR 25 YEARS LONG,ALL THE ROYALTY OF .50 PER CUBIC METRES OF SAND GO TO NGATI WAI CHARITABLE TRUST BOARD IN WHANGAREI OF ONLY 3 PEOPLE, THE REST OF COASTAL LAND ON PAKIRI BEAACH RECIEVE NOTHING.

  8. Lindsay07:20pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Winston has gone off "half-cocked" many times in the past before. Nearly every time he comes out of it looking stupid; so I wouldn't rush to judge just yet.

  9. 07:17pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Well isn't it a turn up for the books that Winston has some real #$%$ in his own back yard. He is a has been and how people can waste their votes on him makes me think that no has a lot of idiots. They should not be allowed to breed or vote. Chris snowden

  10. Nardoo Burns07:08pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    He wont quit parliament?Thats because hes another bludger with his nose in the trough!


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