Abbey Clancy's coronavirus soup kitchen

Abbey Clancy has made batches of soup for her husband Peter Crouch to help them get through the coronavirus crisis.

The couple are staying at home with their four children - Sophia, nine, Liberty, four, Johnny, two, and nine-month-old Jack - in accordance with the UK government's advice to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly respiratory disease.

To ensure that everyone is getting well fed, Abbey cooked up her hubby's favourite soup so that would have nutritious meals whilst stuck inside, however, the retired Premier League soccer player wasn't as keen on her homemade apple pie.

Speaking on 'That Peter Crouch Podcast', the 34-year-old model revealed: "Pete had me making batches of homemade soup for about a week, he's not let me out of the kitchen. And I made him a homemade apple pie covered with hearts, because he's obviously really annoying me being home all the time, so I thought I'd give him a nice cake. And he didn't even have one slice! I asked him if he wanted one and he said no!"

Complimenting his wife's skills in the kitchen, Peter added: "Look, I'm a big fan of the soup and Abs has been preparing them."

The 39-year-old football pundit is using his time in self isolation to practice his golf technique and he hopes to come out of the other end of the pandemic as a better player.

The former Tottenham Hotspur striker has urged everyone to take up a new skill whilst their are spending all their time at home.

said: "With the self isolation and everyone being at home and no one working, I feel like it's the time to get good at something, like learn a language or read books or things like that.

"I was outside in the garden the other day when I wanted to get out of the house and I was just working on my golf chipping.

"We could emerge as a better nation, we could all have a skill, we could try carpentry and try a build a wardrobe or something. We can come out of this with something.

"Honestly, my isolation process has been rather pleasant. I have kids days and then I have golf days. I'm coping quite well really. I had a massage for the bad back."

However, Peter is worried about how long he will be able to spend all of his time with Abbey at their house.

He joked: "During this isolation process I've worked out I'm going to kill Abbey."