Abbie Chatfield looks completely unrecognisable in new video: 'It worked'

She surprised fans last week when she swapped out her blonde hair for a brunette colour, and now Abbie Chatfield has debuted another brand new look online.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, The Masked Singer panellist shared a video of herself enjoying a night out while looking completely unrecognisable in a short brown wig.

Abbie Chatfield wearing a short brown wig during a night out.
Abbie Chatfield looked completely unrecognisable in a short brown wig during a night out. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“I had anxiety about going out and being recognised so my friend let me use their Kris Jenner wig to disguise myself,” she captioned the post.

The clip features Abbie wearing a black skirt, bra, blazer and sunglasses while dancing with her friends in a nightclub.


The radio host later told her fans on social media that the plan was a success and no one approached her during the night.

“It worked – no one asked for a pic after that probs [because] they thought I was Kris Jenner and were too intimidated,” she wrote.

‘This is epic’

Abbie’s followers quickly took to the comments to applaud her efforts and share their thoughts on her disguise.

"I actually thought I was watching Kris Jenner for a minute,” one person wrote, while another added, “I swear I thought this was Khloe as Kris”.

“Also giving Lisa Rinna vibes with this ‘do,” a third remarked, followed by someone else who said, “It’s giving Lily Allen”.

“You look like a mega hot version of Rizzo from Grease,” a different user shared, with another commenting, "Why do you look like Liza Minnelli?”.

“This is epic. But now ya can’t use that wig again,” one fan pointed out.

Abbie Chatfield as a brunette.
Abbie recently surprised fans when she swapped out her blonde hair for a brunette colour. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

‘I was thrilled'

Abbie’s post comes shortly after she spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her appearance on this year’s season of The Masked Singer and revealed how she was asked to join the guessing panel.

“I was walking to get a coffee and my agent called me, and he loves drama, so he was like, ‘Do you want to be on The Masked Singer?’,” she said.

“And I was like, ‘I can't really sing, I don’t know’, and then he was like, ‘As a panellist!’. It was very exciting and the drama of my agent really added to it. I was thrilled.

“I do have a lot on my plate, but I think when something like this comes along you don’t really hesitate for long. The only question was about when the show was being filmed, and I had a spare spot in my schedule and it was obviously radio break, so it was perfect.”

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