Abbie Chatfield hits back at trolls who think she got fired from radio show

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about the real reasons she quit her radio show.

Abbie Chatfield shocked fans last week when she announced she was leaving her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield.

The reality star, podcaster, and TV host had been hosting the show for 18 months, and said she needed to focus on putting energy into projects that bring joy and "energise" her.

The Aussie star addressed her radio news in her latest episode of podcast, It's A Lot, saying she wanted to address one particular negative comment she saw popping up after the news was announced.

Abbie Chatfield denies she was fired from radio show

Abbie Chatfield poses for photo
Abbie Chatfield has hit back at people who said she was fired from her radio show. Photo:

"I quit my job last week, so thought we'd start off talking about it," Abbie said.

"I thought there'd be a lot of negative press coverage because there usually is... I only saw one negative comment of people being like 'I bet she got fired'."

"So for those of you listening, you may not know this, but the podcast is under the same network as the radio station," Abbie explained.

"It was really fun, I enjoyed doing radio, but it was SO many hours. You think people on radio just rock up and get in there half an hour before, and think they're there for two hours a day... WRONG! WRONG!", she vehemently stated.

"There's so much stuff you have to do, and people do radio as their only full-time job, OK? I was doing it as something else to do during the day. It was very exhausting."


Abbie opens up about quitting radio: 'Drained of content'

Abbie Chatfield pictured with headphones and podcast microphone
Abbie Chatfield opened up earlier this year about suffering from burnout. Photo:

"There are many reasons why I quit and a huge one was I felt like my life was being drained of content, like every single thing," Abbie shared.

"I would find myself doing things for content and hoping things would go wrong so I had something to talk about because I had 12 hours a week to fill of content about my life."

Abbie took a break earlier this year and realised she wanted to focus on her podcast again after realising she was suffering from burnout.

"I had two months off and I was like, wow, I feel like I can do the podcast better and the podcast is where I started my media career," she said.


Abbie to refocus on It's A Lot podcast

As reported by Yahoo Lifestyle last week, the decision for Abbie to quit her lucrative radio contract was so she could refocus back to her It's A Lot podcast which had suffered considerably as a result of Abbie "mining her life for content" across too many platforms.

In February 2022, It’s A Lot was the 8th biggest podcast in Australia with 287,000 listeners and 731,000 downloads that month. By April 2023, It’s A Lot had dropped to the 21st biggest podcast in Australia with 206,000 listeners and 490,000 downloads that month.

A media source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the podcast is Abbie's "biggest passion project".  “Seeing it consistently drop wasn’t something she took lightly - especially seeing the gap widen between her podcast and Life Uncut, which is seen as her biggest rival."

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