Abbott assault accused due in Hobart court

Astro Labe has appeared in court charged with assaulting Tony Abbott in September

The Hobart DJ and self-confessed anarchist accused of headbutting former prime minister Tony Abbott is expected to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on Monday.

Astro Labe, 38, was charged with assaulting Mr Abbott as he walked along the Hobart waterside on September 21.

Mr Abbott claimed it was an orchestrated attack as part of the same-sex marriage debate.

Labe was wearing a 'yes' sticker when he spotted Mr Abbott but insists his actions were because of a "personal hatred".

He's been charged with causing harm to a Commonwealth public official and faces a possible 12-month prison sentence if convicted.

He is listed to appear on Monday.

Mr Abbott was left shocked and with a fat lip after the encounter,