Accusations on FBI memo, Super Bowl ad debate, Apple earnings preview

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Dan RobertsJared Blikre & Dan Howley discuss the big stories we’re covering today.

  • Schiff claims Nunes ‘changed FBI memo’
  • Hicks said Trump Jr. emails on Russia wouldn’t get out: NYT
  • Trump to head to GOP retreat in West Virginia
  • Earnings on top of earnings on top of earnings this morning
  • The high cost of Super Bowl advertising
  • Cuba upset with the United States
  • Kate Upton accuses Guess co-founder of harassment
  • San Francisco to drop, review pot charges
  • Mario Kart Tour coming to mobile
  • eBay soars after earnings
  • PayPal suffers by losing eBay
  • Alphabet reports earnings today
  • Ford’s Minibus Service Chariot expands to U.S.
  • Apple earnings call today
  • New study says Amazon may be bad deal for cities
  • Elon Musk’s flamethrowers sell out in five days