Adam Garcia: Wedding vows get me through thick and thin

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Adam Garcia has admitted that committing to his wedding vows has got him through "thick and thin."
The 49-year-old actor has been married to Nathalia Chubin since 2015 - who he proposed to on the very first night he met her - and while he joked that his wife has been "putting up with him" since his college days, his marriage is still the most important thing to him.
He said: "I proposed to her on the night I met her, at a club. I walked in, I saw her sitting next to her sister, who I knew... and it was like 'OK, here we go'. We were very young and I was in college, and she was just out of high school. She said yes that night, but we got married about five years later... She's been putting up with me ever since. You commit to the vows. That gets you through the thick and thin of situations and arguments you might have. I’m totally dedicated to her and to my family, and that’s the most important thing for me. I wake up as a husband and as a father, I don’t wake up as an actor."
The Broadway actor - who has daughter Arya, seven, with Nathalia - is now starring alongside pop music legend Gloria Estefan in the 'Father of the Bride' remake, and the 'Don't Wanna Lose You' songstress explained that she "moved everything around" for her first movie role.
In the joint interview, she told ETOnline: "I moved everything around to make it happen, 'cause I was pretty busy last year, but I was not gonna miss that opportunity. It felt like if I was gonna be in my first leading role it couldn't be with anyone other than Andy. It was phenomenal!"

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