Adam Sandler stumbled on a nude beach and got scared off by seagulls

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Adam Sandler tried to join strangers on a nude beach and got scared off by seagulls.
The 'Hustle' actor has opened up on filming the new sports drama - which sees a former basketball scout tries to revive his own career by recruiting a player with a checkered past to play in the NBA - in Spain when he was out swimming and ended up in a wild situation.
Appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', he said: "I was swimming in the Mediterranean - it's very salty, the sea over there, so you float. You don't even have to try to tread water, you just float! So I'm floating around, having a fun time floating, Sandman just floating around.
"I look up and I see a beach, and I start floating closer to the beach - and everybody's nude. They're all feeling great about themselves being nude - no one even cares. There's older people nude, people who look good, people who don't look so good nude.
"Everyone's nude, they don't care, they just feel comfortable, they're just like, 'It doesn't matter, this is me, I'm gonna be nude.' "
Sandler decided he wanted to "feel comfortable and confident", so he stood up in the water and took off his swimming shorts before having a sudden change of heart.
He explained: "I take my bathing suit off and I go, 'I shouldn't do this. Somebody's gonna take my picture and ruin my life. Lemme just stay underwater, this is a mistake'.
"I'm looking for my bathing suit but because it's so salty, the testicles were floating up, so you could see them floating on top of the water, and the thing attached to the testicles was floating around too. I was trying to push it down, it kept coming back up, floating."
The 55-year-old actor joked that a trio of Spanish seagulls then spotted him and mistook his private parts for two less than favourable objects.
He quipped: "The Spanish seagull - I think it translated to the word 'worm' - starts coming towards me. Then one of the other seagulls, 'No, no worm!' And then a third seagull goes, 'McDonald french fry!' So they started coming at me - I gave it to them! I was a guest in their country, I said, 'You have a good time!' "

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