We adore JLo's rustic lavender baskets in her cosy cream and chrome kitchen

 Jlo .
Jlo .

JLo's kitchen is a cosy dream, and we particularly love the rustic lavender baskets she has hanging from the ceiling - and luckily they're easy to make right in the comfort of your own home. 

In October 2023, JLo's Bel-Air mansion sold for over £30 million. Within the listing for her home, she included images of every room - and we were truly captivated by JLo's shabby chic kitchen. The whole estate, of course, was not your average, run-of-the-mill home, as it was complete with lavish furnishings and dreamy landscapes and rooms throughout, but the kitchen, which proved to have many of the biggest kitchen trends of 2023, had cream-coloured, dreamy details that we couldn't get over.

Now, however, the actress and singer has moved into a new home with her hubby of one year, Ben Affleck - and she just posted a new video to her Instagram in which she's coming live from her brand new kitchen. And needless to say, it does not disappoint.

The video itself features JLo promoting some flavours that have launched from her bottled cocktail brand, Delola - but, although not the point of the video, we couldn't help but notice a glimpse of how stylish her new kitchen is.

Although not much of the room can be seen from the video, we can see some details here and there, such as a brilliant marble island that can be seen behind her, which boasts a large and lovely fern plant atop it. Adding to the earthy motif she started with the fern, she also has very lovely baskets of lavender hanging from her ceiling, which make the perfect shabby chic accessory.

Luckily, a lavender basket is so incredibly easy to make in your own home. Although we predict JLo had a professional to create hers, you don't have to be one to recreate the decoration yourself. Simply gather some baskets, which you could find at any craft store, as well as some dried lavender, and hot glue the sprigs to the baskets. From there, hang the rustic accessories from wherever you see best fit in your home.

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Her new lavender baskets totally gave us kitchen decorating inspiration, but so did her other kitchen at her previous Bel-Air home. That kitchen was complete with a massive window above the sink that overlooks her tranquil yard, a tremendous grey glassware cabinet, organised to perfection, and an opulent chandelier hanging above the island.

It also featured a plants all around, only adding to the French farmhouse vibes to the kitchen - quite the departure, we might say, from her usual fashion style, which is often quite bold and glamorous. But now, we can see by comparing these two kitchens that JLo's interior decorating aesthetic is much different from her sartorial aesthetic.