Africans respond to French elections with pragmatism and frustration

As the National Rally emerged victorious in France's early legislative elections on Sunday, reactions poured in from around the world. In Africa, concerns are mainly focused on immigrants living in France. However, analysts emphasise that if France opts for the far right, it may be time for Africa to make its own significant choices.

The far-right, anti-immigration National Rally (RN) has outlined its policy priorities, including restoring order in France, curbing immigration, and addressing the cost-of-living crisis.

Jordan Bardella consistently emphasises plans to tighten borders and make it more difficult for foreigners born on French soil to gain citizenship. He also reiterated his intention to ban dual nationals from holding high-level public jobs.

These measures have caused anxiety among the African population in France, primarily residing in big cities where the far right received much less support.


"These are populist speeches to get elected," Marc Ona Essangui, a figure in Gabonese civil society, and third vice-president of the Gabonese Senate who presents himself as an observer of French political life, told RFI.

He says that he doesn't believe the National Rally will be able to implement their programme on immigration.

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