Airline worker's epic note to cancer patient

Sarah Carty

A woman with Stage 4 colon cancer has praised an airline worker who delivered her lost luggage to her the night before she was due to undergo chemotherapy.

Stacy Hurt called SouthWest Airlines employee Sarah Rowan her “guardian angel” for personally bringing her luggage – which contained medication and sentimental items - to her house at 3am.

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Stacy was on her way home from a colon cancer advocacy retreat in Nashville , however, when she touched down in her hometown of Pittsburgh she realised her luggage was nowhere to be seen.

Stacy Hurt has praised a SouthWest Airlines worker for personally delivering her lost luggage at 3am. Photo: Facebook

The 46-year-old mum had changed her flight so she could make it back in time for her chemotherapy session and her luggage had remained on the flight she had initially booked.

Stacy was desperate to locate the missing luggage and called the SouthWest Airlines customer service desk, where she was connected with 27-year-old Sarah.

“I told her everything in the luggage that I needed for chemo – medication to deal with side effects from chemo, some comfort items, a rosary very special to me that I’ve taken to every single chemo - and I’m doing well so I don’t want to jinx anything,” Stacy said in a Facebook video.

She also said that inside the luggage there was a lucky shirt and some materials from the retreat she wanted give to other patients.

“Just a lot of things that were very important to me and comforting to me going through this process,” she said.

She dropped it on Stacy's door at 3am with this heartwarming note. Photo: Facebook

Sarah was right on the case and took it upon herself to personally track down the luggage and deliver it to Stacy’s house at 3am in the morning.

“When I saw it the next day I just figured a courier had brought it but then when I got to my phone and I got her voicemail at 2:53am telling me that she had delivered it, it was like crazy,” Stacy said.

Then she opened it up and found a note, which Sarah had personally written on tissue paper.

“Stacy, Sorry for the delay getting your bag to you! Myself and my SouthWest family are thinking of you and wishing all the best. Kick that cancers butt,” Sarah wrote.

Stacy couldn’t believe the kind gesture and said she was overcome with emotion.

“I was so tired from the traveling the lost luggage but that experience, that note is the boost I needed to go that day ,” she said.

Stacy got the chance to meet Sarah recently and said she learned that her father had passed away from cancer.

“I’m going to kick stage four colon cancer’s butt for Sarah because it turns out she lost her father to cancer so we have that connection,” she said.

“She’s a special humam being, I’ve said it I know to everybody but I just can’t say it enough, I mean she’s one in a million.

“She reminds us that there are good people in the world doing good things. She restores your faith in humanity.”

Stacy went on to say that she was already a fan of SouthWest Airlines but now she’s their biggest supporter.

“They really accommodate people with disabilities, including me, including my disabled son, but this just really epitomised what their people do,” she said.

“I’ll save that voicemail forever, I’ll save that note forever.”

See the full video here.

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