Airplane makes emergency landing after Egyptian passenger writes 'I love Allah' on a form

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A Vueling flight between Paris and Cairo made an emergency landing in Rome on Tuesday, November 7 where an Egyptian passenger was removed from the flight. Videos obtained by FRANCE 24 show the man being arrested by Italian police. The flight crew accused him of writing “I love Allah” on a form. It was a “blood-chilling scene,” says our Observer, who witnessed the whole incident and believes the man was racially profiled.

It was around 5:30pm on November 7 when the Vueling VL8522 flight, which had left Paris Orly airport, bound for Cairo, took a sudden turn to the west over Croatia’s Lake Brac so it could make an emergency landing at an airport in Rome.

The crew decided to make an emergency landing because they had concerns about what they viewed as suspicious behaviour by a 29-year-old passenger. According to Italian customs officials, the man was feeling ill and asked for medication.

“He had to sign a form to say that he had taken the medication at his own risk. It seems as if a member of staff saw the words “I love Allah” on the form, which led to the flight’s emergency landing,” Italian officials reported. The Italian police said that they didn’t have access to the document in question.

Once the flight landed at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, the man was arrested by Italian police. Two videos obtained by our team document this scene.

You can hear the passenger shout, in broken English, “I don’t do something, I don’t know something,” “I don’t do problems”, “Please, I want help” and “I’m from Egypt.”

He also seems to be giving the officials an address in Arabic.

Vueling said, in a statement, that the flight was “rerouted to Rome for security reasons due to the inappropriate behaviour of a passenger”.

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