Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace 'blessed' to not have cancer

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace feels "so blessed" after discovering she doesn't have cancer.

The 41-year-old television personality took to Twitter on Tuesday (07.01.20) to express her joy after being given the all-clear from her doctors that she is not suffering from the disease.

Aisleyne didn't give any information as to what tests she underwent or what type of cancer she was concerned she may have, but said she "can't stop crying" after receiving the good news.

She wrote: "I dont have cancer [crying emojis and heart eyes emojis] crying [heart emoji] I have no emoji to explain my feeling. Oh my God it's been tough. I feel so blessed. Literally cant stop crying. Thank you God. X (sic)"

Whilst the 'Big Brother' star didn't offer any further details, it is possible she may have been tested for breast cancer, after she spoke last year about her mother who passed away after battling the disease.

Aisleyne hit out at social media trolls in September after one told her to "go die like Jade Goody", who also passed away from breast cancer in 2009.

The troll told her: "I would be so grateful if you got stage four breast cancer, you s**g, you deserve it. Go die like Jade Goody."

And Aisleyne responded: "Well mummy passed of breast cancer so there's hope for you there hun. This really broke me this morning, instead of being silent and walking with this pain all day I would rather release it & let go. And this is how I do that xx (sic)"

The beauty later explained that the comments brought back the "pain" of losing both her mother and Jade.

She said: "It really hurt because it brings back the pain of losing mum and even Jade. But by reposting it my spirit is always lifted by the response. And I realise that there are some amazing humans out there that out number the vile trolls. But it made me cry this morning."