Why this £14.99 frying pan from Aldi is the time-saving gadget of dreams

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This handy four-in-one pan is a worthy new kitchen addition. (Aldi)
This handy four-in-one pan is a worthy new kitchen addition. (Aldi)

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Now that life is relatively 'normal' again, we're back to the frenzied schedules we had BC (Before Covid) – juggling commuting, work and deadlines while panicking about what to make for dinner for a fussy family who all want to eat different things.

So thank you Aldi for providing us with this Kirkton House Divided Frying Pan – an amazing, affordable (only £14.99) clever cooking utensil that allows every harassed parent to cook four different things in one pan.

For example, you can cook chicken in one section, while frying up some scrambled eggs (for the child who won't eat anything else – there's one in every family) and grilling some veg in the other sections.

Or for an easy Saturday brekkie option, you can do your sausage, bacon, and eggs, while grilling tomatoes and mushrooms all at once.

Talk about sanity-saving!

Why we rate it

As if reducing hassle when cooking and cutting down on washing up isn't enough, this Kirkton House Divided Frying Pan has a whole raft of other benefits.

It's divided into two larger sections (one of which is a griddle), and two smaller sections for things like fried eggs and veg.

And, hurrah, it's also non-stick. But remember, to preserve the non-stick coating you need to treat it with a bit of TLC.

Try and use plastic or wooden utensils when cooking with it as they won't scrape off the coating.

This clever four-in-one pan will make your Sunday fry-ups easier than ever. (Aldi)
This clever four-in-one pan will make your Sunday fry-ups easier than ever. (Aldi)

£14.99 at Aldi

Although this is dishwasher safe, washing by hand does ensure the non-stick lasts longer. So try and handwash it carefully with warm water, and gently sponge off (don't scrub) the food and cooking residue.

If you've, ahem, got a bit of a burnt mess on your hands, then soak it in warm soapy water for a while before washing it.

Another win? It's BPA-free. That stands for bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. (Research has found that it can seep into food/drink which may be linked to certain health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes).

And it's PFOA-free too. Perfluorooctanoic Acid is another toxic chemical that was often used in the process of making non-stick cookware.

And this wonder pan is also heat resistant to 175°C and works on all hobs, including induction ones.

It's versatile, as well. One very happy customer admitted to using it when camping, while another said: "I cook in the middle section which is the hottest then keep the food warm in the end sections while frying more food."

If we could call a product a genius, this would be it.

What the reviews say

With predominantly five-star ratings, the Kirkton House Divided Frying Pan is clearly the choice of time-poor people everywhere.

  • "A very clever design. Fits beautifully on my gas hob and is more than 'fit for purpose'. I'm delighted with this pan."

  • "Solid and nice looking... does its job. Good heavy product."

  • "I bought this over a week ago and took it camping, We had a cooked breakfast every morning and it was delicious. One of the best features is all your items in one pan... saves on washing up."

  • "Best purchase I've made in a long time. I bought one for my brother too."

  • "Lovely kitchen utensil. Will complement any kitchen. Multiple cooking great idea."

  • "So pleased with product, saves on washing up and gas."

Given how quickly Aldi's clever all-in-one Ambiano Breakfast Maker sold out last year, we doubt this pan will be on the virtual shelves for long.

Buy it: Kirkton House Divided Frying Pan | £14.99 from Aldi

£14.99 at Aldi