Alec Baldwin has no jeans

Alec Baldwin doesn't own jeans.

The 61-year-old actor - who has grown-up daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger and Carmen, six, Rafael, four, Leonardo, three, and Romeo, 21 months with spouse Hilaria - believes it is important to "act your age" when it comes to personal style and doesn't want to look like he's trying to "chase youth".

He said: "I have always avoided looking like one of those guys chasing youth.

"I don't own any jeans. Act your age is a good personal style."

However, the former '30 Rock' star admitted it's only in recent years his wardrobe has grown more casual.

He said: "On '30 Rock' I wore a suit and tie nearly every moment on screen.

"That did carry over for a bit afterwards but now, four children later, I dress like I'm coming to clean your garage."

Alec takes a keen interest in his movie costumes and always arrives on set with a "clear" idea of what he wants his characters to wear.

He told The Chap magazine: "Joanna Johnston in 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' is a pro and a doll.

"I am very clear on what I want the character to wear, and the costume designers I have shot with nearly always appreciate that.

"I've worked with some of the greats, Colleen Atwood, Bob Ringwood, Jeffrey Kurland, Johanna Johnston. All fabulous."

Meanwhile, the 'Saturday Night Live' star admitted he loves going to England because he is "lazy" and doesn't need to navigate another language, but also because he finds the people so interesting.

He said: "When I go to England, I'm happy to be in the foreign country with the common language, as I am essentially lazy.

"Also, I think Brits are interesting. At times, the dullest Briton seems more clever than the funniest American."