Alexandra Burke planned second baby 'immediately' after giving birth

Alexandra Burke was planning her second pregnancy within hours of giving birth to her first child.
The 35-year-old singer - who welcomed her first child with boyfriend Darren Randolph, 36, in June 2022 - is due to give birth to their second bundle of joy any day now and she revealed she "immediately" told the midwife of her plans for baby number two.
She told Closer magazine: "I love being pregnant. Immediately after I gave birth the first time, I said to my midwife, 'I want to be pregnant again!'
"She said it was something she'd never heard before so soon after giving birth, I hadn't even left the hospital."
While Alexandra will have two babies under the age of two, she insisted there are no nerves as she's more excited by the prospect.
She explained: "I'm not nervous. It excites me that they'll be similar ages and I get to do that whole first year all over again."
She described her first year of motherhood as "an absolute joy", although she's had some "moments of panic" amid the happiness.
She said: "Of course, there've been a few moments of panic along the way. I was so nervous taking my first flight, which was for a gig.
"I had the pressure of knowing I had to perform and anxiety about travelling with baby for the first time. But you just ride with it."
She has approached her pregnancy different this time too, focusing on exercising "here and there" rather than her previous pre-natal home workout regime.
Meanwhile, she makes sure to eat well and take "the right supplements", and her cravings are making it easier to stay healthy.
She added: "I'm definitely craving fruit and veg, which is a good thing."
Alexandra struggled to "accept" the way her body changed during her first pregnancy, but she is thinking about things "differently" this time round and urged other women to "love and accept" their bodies when they are expecting.
Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine' earlier this summer, she said: "So when my body was changing and I couldn't control it I was like 'Oh God, this is taking me back a bit' on my first pregnancy, this second one I'm carrying it a lot differently.
"I'm feeling a lot more fatigued but I'm running after a toddler all day for goodness' sake. You have to accept your body, our bodies go through so much and we have to love our bodies and love who we are."