Alexandra Daddario and I Both Owe Our Glowing Skin to This Rarely On-Sale Serum

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It’s like a multivitamin for your skin.

<p>Angela Caglia</p>

Angela Caglia

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a facial from celebrity aesthetician Angela Caglia, and though it’s been years since, I still reminisce of my radiant skin state post-facial — the likes of which I’d rarely achieved. In an attempt to recreate the experience chez moi, I’ve slathered Caglia’s eponymous skincare products — all of them — on my face. The Daily Botanical Serum, in particular, impressed me; a few drops of the oil-serum hybrid delivers a plump, healthy radiance of someone who glugs kale juice with reckless abandon. Per the brand, Caglia has used the exact serum on celebrity clientele including the ever-radiant Alexandra Daddario

I’ve since run out of my beloved botanical blend and have been yearning for more. It’s hardly cheap, but that said, its price is justifiable: The ingredients are among the purest possible with results that are, well, truly red carpet-worthy. Luckily, the Angela Caglia Daily Botanical Serum is currently discounted; for a limited time, you can snag it at Skinstore for 20 percent off during the retailer’s Labor Day sale using the code LABOR at checkout. Hurry: This glow-booster returns to full price on September 5 at midnight PT.





The Angela Caglia Skincare Daily Botanical Serum, an oil-serum hybrid elixir, is designed for daily use. Like a multivitamin for your skin, the formula contains nutrient-dense ingredients that balance, soothe, and protect to promote a healthy look and feel. Made for all skin types, the serum is a beneficial addition to virtually anyone’s regime (assuming a smooth, healthy complexion piques your interest).

The formula is brimming with botanicals and seed extracts, all of which are “USDA-certified [and] responsibly sourced,“ per the brand. Look at the ingredient list, and you’ll see what’s akin to a farmer’s market shopping list, devoid of iffiness, fluff, or fillers found in some formulas. 

Sunflower seed oil
and shea nut butter — both rich in fatty acids — impart supreme suppleness. Rosehip oil, often referred to as nature’s retinol in light of its line-lessening capability, is also present in the formula, as is sea buckthorn oil, which majorly moisturizes.

Two to three drops of product suffice for a full-face glow. Texturally, this oil-serum feels rich, albeit with more of a velvety than oily slip. It absorbs quickly into skin, leaving a soft radiance in its wake. 

Naturally, the serum smells like — well, nature, given its pure, plucked-from-the-earth composition. Ylang ylang and rose flower oil in addition to frankincense and sandalwood waft a herbaceous, luxurious, and calming scent, creating an experience that’s more like a ritual than a routine. 

For a fresh-faced glow, shop the Angela Caglia Skincare Daily Botanical Serum while it’s discounted. FWIW: I rarely see this celeb-worthy serum on sale, so snag it before September 5 if you want to take advantage.

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